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UMass Amherst Offers “Resistance Studies Initiative”

UMass Amherst Offers “Resistance Studies Initiative”

“examining the history of revolutions”

Here we have another publicly funded school offering course work in left wing radicalism. Who’s paying for it?

Campus Reform reports:

UMass courses promote ‘resistance’ to capitalism, patriarchy

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst “Resistance Studies Initiative” teaches students strategies for “resistance” against “capitalism’s exploitative practices” and “patriarchal hierarchies.”

“The Initiative seeks to create ‘resistance studies,’ a liberationist social science analyzing and supporting the efforts of activists worldwide that are employing direct action, civil disobedience, everyday resistance, digital activism, mass protest, and other kinds of nonviolent resistance,” the program’s website explains.

The program defines the term “resistance” to mean actions that challenge “all forms of domination—not just ‘the state,’ but capitalism’s exploitative practices (economic injustices, commodification, alienation, and fetishism), the status quo’s discursive truth-regimes and normative orders, and sociocultural patriarchal hierarchies of gender, race, status, caste, and taste.”

According to an online course listing, the 2017 curriculum features one undergraduate course on “Civil Resistance and Social Change,” along with a graduate-level course with a focus on “Postcolonial and Indigenous Resistance.”

Rather than merely examining the history of revolutions and political struggles, however, the Resistance Studies Initiative explicitly “supports unarmed struggles against all forms of exploitation and violence.”


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Is the course taught in conjunction with this course?

The University of Massachusetts-Amherst “Resistance Studies Initiative” teaches students strategies for “resistance” against “socialism’s destructive practices” and “progressive hierarchies.”

Yet another made up course for some major that will never get a student a job, except to perpetuate this crap.

UMASS, the school of Physics Prof. Jennie Traschen, who had the unfortunate timing to be condemning the U.S. in a town meeting over the displaying of the American flag on 9/10/01…