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U. Washington Prof Claims Stress Over Trump’s Election Will Impact Evolution

U. Washington Prof Claims Stress Over Trump’s Election Will Impact Evolution

“when you have these horrendous episodes in life”

Trump’s election certainly has brought out the best and brightest among us, hasn’t it?

Campus Reform reports:

Prof: ‘stress’ of Trump election will change human evolution

A University of Washington professor recently suggested that the stress caused by Donald Trump’s election to the presidency could bring about an “evolutionary consequence.”

Professor Peter Ward, who teaches in the school’s Department of Biology, was interviewed by Gizmodo for a piece on the possibility of “superhuman mutants,” such as the kind found in films like X-Men, where the characters have developed powers of “night vision” or “mind control.”

In response to the question, though, Ward elected to discuss the “stress that Americans are going through” as a result of Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton.

“We’re finding more and more that, for instance, people who have gone through combat, or women who have been abused—when you have these horrendous episodes in life, it causes permanent change, which is then passed on to your kid,” Ward began, then suggesting that Trump’s election could have similar effects.


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Not only stress! It is much worse than that:
Trumps election as President has apparently caused clear and present stupidity on an academic at University of Washington.

    Walker Evans in reply to jorgen. | June 12, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Not just at the University of Washington. All indications are that it is an epidemic that has infected academia across the country! As examples I submit the University of Missouri, UC Berkeley, and UCLA, just to name three. The CDC should be called in!!

Another professor who got ptsd from an election. LOL! Give’em hell, Mr. President.

It’s good to see that Lysenkoism is still alive in the Universities. Trofim Denisovich would be proud.

How many snowflakes are actually in relationships which could produce children?