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Trump, India’s PM Modi Vow to ‘Destroy Radical Islamic Terrorism’

Trump, India’s PM Modi Vow to ‘Destroy Radical Islamic Terrorism’

NYT, Washington Post cry foul over ‘anti-Muslim rhetoric’

Combatting Islamist terror was high on the agenda when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the White House on his first official visit since President Donald Trump took office. “We are both determined to destroy terrorist organizations and the radical ideology that drives them. We will destroy radical Islamic terrorism,” President Trump said in his joint statement with the Indian Prime Minister at the Rose Garden.

“We discussed the serious challenges of terrorism, extremism, and radicalisation, which are the major challenges facing the world today.  And we have agreed to enhance our cooperation in fighting against these scourges,” Prime Minister Modi said.

India, geographically at the forefront of global Jihad, has faced a sustained terror campaign in its Muslim majority state of Kashmir since the early 1990s. Terrorists have killed more than 14,000 Indian civilians and 6,500 soldiers since 2001. Indian news broadcaster Times Now reports:

“Eliminating terrorism is among the topmost priorities for us,” PM Modi said in his joint statement with the US president at the White House Rose Garden.

“We talked about terrorism, extremism and radicalisation and agreed to cooperate on this. Fighting terrorism and doing away with the safe shelters, sanctuaries, and safe havens will be an important part of our cooperation,” he said.

The US president also second PM Modi’s words and said both nations are “determined” to eliminate terrorist organisations and the radical ideology that drives them.

“The security partnership between the US and India is incredibly important. Both our nations have been struck by the evils of terrorism and we are both determined to destroy terrorist organisations and the radical ideology that drives them. We will destroy radical Islamic terrorism,” [President Trump] said.

Ahead of yesterday’s high-level meeting, Indian TV network NDTV reported some real progress on the ground:

Just hours before PM Modi and President Trump sat down for a string of meetings stretching over four hours, the US Department of State designated Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin, who has been training and pushing terrorists into India from Pakistan-occupied Kashmir for nearly 27 years, as a global terrorist.

The New York Times took this opportunity to cry foul over perceived ‘Islamophobia’ espoused by the two ‘nationalist leaders’:

Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump have much in common, including a history of anti-Muslim rhetoric, a nationalist focus on homegrown manufacturing, a fraught relationship with the news media (…)

Stephen K. Bannon, Mr. Trump’s chief strategist, hailed Mr. Modi’s victory in 2014 as part of a global revolt against uncaring elites. He has told colleagues he views Mr. Modi and Mr. Trump as symbolizing the same nationalist passions in the world’s two largest democracies. [NYT, June 26, 2017]

Washington Post was equally worried about Prime Minister Modi-led nationalist party’s ‘anti-Muslim rhetoric.’

Ahead of the meeting, President Trump approved a $2 billion defense deal, clearing the sale of U.S.-made surveillance drones that will assist the Indian Navy to keep an eye on country’s vast coastline. The predator Guardian drones, manufactured by California-based General Atomics, have never been offered to a non-NATO country before.

China is building a naval base at Pakistan’s strategic Gwadar Port on the Arabian Sea, few hundred miles off the Indian coast. Both Japan and India are wary of Chinse military build-up in South China Sea and Indian Ocean.

President Trump assured the Indian Prime Minister of greater strategic and maritime cooperation. “Our militaries are working every day to enhance cooperation between our military forces, and next month they will join together with the Japanese navy to take part in the largest maritime exercise ever conducted in the Indian Ocean,” President Trump said.

Prime Minister Modi equated his dream of creating a ‘New India’ with President Trump’s vision of ‘America First.’ “I am sure that the convergence between my vision for a new India and President Trump’s vision for ‘making America great again’ will add new dimensions to our cooperation,” Indian Prime Minister Modi said.

With most of the European leaders unwilling to even acknowledge the existential threat that radical Islamism poses to civilisation, the U.S. needs a new approach to combat the scourge of global Jihad.

Nations like India and Israel, at the forefront of the Islamist onslaught, may prove themselves to be more reliable allies in this conflict than Macron’s France or Merkel-led Germany.

Watch: Trump, India’s Modi deliver Joint Statements

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Oh for f8cks sake! These clowns are part of the problem where speaking the truth (ISLAMIC terrorism) is akin to saying mean things about a religion who’s proponents have a funny way of spontaneously detonating on public transport or in restaurants!

F89k them! Let them live in the shadows while the rest of us try to make the civilised world safe!

4th armored div | June 27, 2017 at 10:31 am

when can we ‘officially’ designate NYT, WashPost, CNN, MSNBC etc
as enmities of Democracy and lovers of I-Slam ?

the ‘people’ who lead/work for these orgs hate US(A) and must not have any kids. if they were as worried about their kids, they would not behave in such a cavalier fashion towards OUR security concerns.
instead they want to import non assimilatable invaders, who will not love our country but want to extend the Kali-fate.

    Tom Servo in reply to 4th armored div. | June 27, 2017 at 10:43 am

    I was thinking the same thing – here President Trump has an amazingly successful diplomatic breakthrough with the 2nd largest country in the world, a HUGE market and a HUGE potential ally in the region (remember they favored the Soviets all through the cold war) and all the NYT and WaPo can do is talk crap about what terrible people the Indians are.

    And more, people love to talk about how the Chinese are advancing unopposed on so many fronts – well do we want to put a scare into the Chinese? Just start talking up and working on an alliance with India! China knows India is its biggest (quite literally) rival in the region in the coming century, and India knows it too. They both have the same population demands, and they both are going to be going after the same resources and the same markets.

Decrying “radical Islamic terrorism” is “anti-Muslim rhetoric” according to the NY Times. So who is it who is lumping all Muslims together with the terrorists? It is the left that refuses to allow any distinctions between decent Muslims and those Muslims that are waging a war of mass murder against us.

By assuming that all Muslims identify with the Islamofascist nuts, the NYT and WaPo are engaging in quite a bit of prejudicial behavior themselves.

After 16 years of Religion of Peace™ BULLSHIT it is refreshing to hear some world leaders begin to speak truth on this issue.

Radical Islam. It’s just like the radical atheism behind the progressive slope to Marxism, communism, socialism, fascism, and other minority/monopoly constructs.

tarheelkate | June 27, 2017 at 1:48 pm

India has some 100 million Muslim citizens and has a very solid security reason for wishing to discourage radical Islamists. To call this “Islamophobia” indicates that the NYT needs to have its head adjusted.