Have you noticed that the same social justice warrior students who see racism everywhere are the ones increasingly demanding segregation?

The Daily Caller reports:

Chicago Students Demand Racially Segregated Orientation

Students at the University of Chicago are demanding racial segregation for incoming students of color during orientation week.

They also want some serious construction to place on campus, including building a house for illegals students.

The administration is taking the dictate very seriously, The College Fix reports. “We are reviewing and continuing dialogue,” university spokeswoman Marielle Sainvilus told the student news service via email. It’s just one of 50 demands issued recently by student groups to the university officials.

The racially segregated orientation for students of color is envisioned by the students as supplementary to the general orientation. It’s the brainchild of a group calling themselves the UChicago United and the insistence on racial separation is sixth on its list of demands. The orientation “would familiarize students with campus resources and multicultural registered student organizations” and is designed to “ease the transition to the university’s campus climate and academic demands.”

But that’s just the beginning. The UChicago United students also think the university should be employing more non-white professors and coerce the existing white professors to “include more insight from Black authors, specifically Black women” when they plan course curricula for their social science and humanities offerings.