People have been very patient but are starting to get tired of this stuff. It’s enough already.

The College Fix reports:

Sonoma State student’s anti-cop, anti-Trump commencement poem outrages crowd

A student commencement speaker at Sonoma State University turned what was supposed to be a celebration of accomplishment into a diatribe against President Trump, the police, and racial injustice in America.

Senior Dee Dee Simpson’s poem blasted police violence against against black people, and tore into Fox News and President Trump.

According to The Press Democrat, Simpson “talked about black mothers instructing their children how to behave before police so they ‘come home at night,’” and appeared to chide those in attendance who are miffed at Donald Trump, “saying black people have been suffering government abuses for decades.”

“My people live in places you wouldn’t drive through in an armored truck,” Simpson told those assembled.

Numerous audience members weren’t very happy at the invective.

Graduating senior Kim Baptista said that although she was sympathetic to Simpson’s point of view, “the venue in which it was delivered was wrong.”

“People were taken aback,” she said. “Here it was supposed to be a celebratory time. And you’re up there wagging your finger at us.”