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San Diego State Associate Dean Calls GOP a Terrorist Organization

San Diego State Associate Dean Calls GOP a Terrorist Organization

“The Republican Party has become an extremist terrorist organization”

The school is defending his free speech rights because that’s suddenly very important again for some reason.

The Washington Times reports:

San Diego State associate dean calls GOP an ‘extremist terrorist organization’

San Diego State University is defending an associate dean’s First Amendment rights after he called the GOP a terrorist group on Facebook.

“The Republican Party has become an extremist terrorist organization,” SDSU Associate Dean Patrick McCarthy wrote in the comments section of another user’s now-deleted post comparing “right-wing extremists” to the Islamic State, according to screenshots obtained by Campus Reform.

Another commenter pointed out that Mr. McCarthy was, in effect, calling his own school’s College Republicans group a terrorist organization, to which the faculty member responded, “College Republicans and the Republican Party of the United States are separate organizations.”

The commenter said Mr. McCarthy was still suggesting that his school’s College Republicans chapter engages with a terror organization.

The exchange caught the attention of Brandon Jones, president of the school’s College Republicans, who demanded Mr. McCarthy apologize.


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can’t wait til they actually encounter someone from ISIS, then they’ll know… too late perhaps, but hey they can claim their 1st amendment right… oh, there is none in shariaville…?

This bozo is just stating publicly what many college administrators think, but don’t come right out and say.

San Diego state uses a “diversity statement” to make sure that all faculty conform to a leftist political outlook. See
The last thing they would want would be a diversity of ideas and political opinions. Only left-wingers need apply.

Walker Evans | June 4, 2017 at 4:04 pm

From SDSU’s Diversity Statement:
“Freedom of speech shall be protected. By the same token, the campus community shall denounce and confront acts of intolerance, abusive behaviors, and the beliefs and past events that have separated us as a people.”

Those two sentences are self-cancelling, as the second completely invalidates the first. If Free Speech is to exist it must include the freedom to say that which is upsetting or against the beliefs of others. In point of fact, the Free Speech clause of the First Amendment was included specifically to protect unpopular speech! What need is there to protect speech that reflects the ideas of the majority? NONE!

It will be both interesting and instructive to see what position the school takes when a conservative exercises this same right!