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Rep. Steve Scalise a Casualty of the Left’s Climate of Hate

Rep. Steve Scalise a Casualty of the Left’s Climate of Hate

If “love trumps hate,” folks are not doing a very good job of this.

I am stunned as I write this.

A sitting member of Congress, Rep. Steve Scalise, was shot this morning, based purely upon his political beliefs.

The shooter, James Hodgkinson, posted many anti-Trump rants on his social media feeds. And, it is reported that before unloading approximately 50 shots at a congressional baseball game, he asked if the group was comprised of Democrats or Republicans.

Let me be as blunt and clear as I know how to be:

Whereas the shooter pulled the trigger, and now must answer for his vile deeds before God — since he was shot on the scene and later succumbed to his injuries — he is not the only one to blame.

After a fair election representing the will of the people, we have seen nothing but a culture of hate spewed forth by the Left. Post after post after the election was filled with #NotMyPresident. Riots on Inauguration Day. Silly kitty-hatted women dressed as genitalia – many with kids in tow as political props with sayings far too precocious to have come from them – listening to “celebrities” talk bout blowing up the White House, and spouting ugly prose.

And, then, the piece de #RESISTANCE: Kathy Griffin’s “joke” holding the “severed head” of a sitting president she disagrees with.

Sure, many — even on her side of the aisle — panned the action. But many did not. Jerry Seinfeld didn’t “get what the big deal” was. Anderson Cooper hoped she “bounced back.”

Not long after, a play glorifying the assassination of President Trump came out. The director of which saw nothing wrong with the scene.

Here’s the irony: The folks who idealize gun control 1) ended up shooting up the joint; 2) were saved by gun-toting law enforcement, without whom – according to reports – we would have seen a massacre.

I am calling on every pink hat wearing, dyed in the wool Democrat who has ever said anything about this administration to take a page out of Nancy Pelosi’s playbook today, and denounce this tragedy.

Not only that, check yourself. Check your speech, your actions, your anger, your tone. Remember Hillary’s commercial with kids glued to a TV set watching Trump speeches, captioned “they’re watching you?” Well, they are. We all are.

I co-founded African-American Conservatives based on political dissent. I didn’t dress up as a body part. I didn’t scream “NOT MY PRESIDENT!”

I disagreed with just about everything the previous administration did. For eight whole years. But, never once did I say, “not my president.” I was proud of the historicity of the moment. That a bi-racial man – bi-racial just like me – was elected to the highest office in this nation.

I have ranted about the policies of that administration on these pages and on our radio show. But never once did I say Mr. Obama was “not my president.” In fact, I prayed for him.

I watched him advocate for Planned Parenthood, an organization founded to “eradicate human weeds” by a eugenicist woman who spoke before the Ladies Auxiliary of the KKK, Margaret Sanger. An organization that has achieved the milestone of seeing more Black babies aborted than born alive in New York City. An organization that has spawned a cultural genocide in the Black community. An organization that saw its core mission realized, because in order to survive as a race, Black America needs a 2.1% fertility replacement rate, and we are at 1.8%.

Yet, I denounced every effigy of him – unlike the Left who put up “Hitlerian” effigies of both presidents Bush 43 and Trump – every put down of his children – unlike the left who constantly attacked Bristol Palin – and every racial epithet I ever heard of him.

I was taught that regardless of who sits in the chair, you honor the office. Yet, we’ve seen sports teams “boycott” White House invitations (and rumors of boycotts are circulating at this moment). What an honor to be invited to the White House. As a brown person, to be invited to come in through the front door of our nation’s symbol of freedom and power?

I implore any and every one reading this: Check yourself.

Slow your roll and regard your actions. If “love trumps hate,” folks are not doing a very good job of this. Where is loving your “enemy?”

All this vitriol spewed is contributing to climate change all right: the political climate that has become so frosty, a man shot up a baseball field of politicians this morning. That’s not love. The shooter “persisted” all right. But he did not prevail.

If you remember the old Smokey the Bear commercial, Smokey told us, “only YOU can prevent forest fires!” Well, the Bible tells us that “the tongue is a world of fire (James 3:6).” Proverbs 6:27 asks, “Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?”

Don’t be that guy. Be love. “Be the change you wish to see in the world,” as Ghandi encouraged. Dr. King told us, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only love can do that.” If you have contributed to the culture of hate, use this opportunity to take stock “and make that change, sha’mon.” (Michael Jackson, Man in the Mirror).

Our prayers for a speedy recovery for Rep. Scalise.

— Marie Stroughter


This post was originally published June 14, 2017 on the African American Conservatives Website


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Polesi is back to business as usual now. Didn’t last long eh?

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to mailman. | June 15, 2017 at 8:52 pm

    Oh no you didn’t! :O

    Are you part of Hillary’s “Resist Pants! movements?

    JohnC in reply to mailman. | June 16, 2017 at 11:12 am

    Radical Leftists murder and moderate Leftists say, “Well, that’s what happens.”

    Radical Muslims murder and moderate Muslims say, “Well, that’s what happens.”

The Left has played you for a fool.

While you were taking the high road, they were cultivating a culture of hate, encouraging their brownshirts to murder you for the sin of being a “nazi”

How is that Legal Insurrection working out for you

Or, to quote the Hound, “How many more Starks do they have to behead before you wake up to how the real world works?”

    I wouldn’t say LI was being played for a fool. A vast number of people cannot fathom the real goal of the left for the past few decades (revolution.)

    Never forget the words of Charles Krauthammer and George Will, who both professed to “not realizing who Barack Obama was.”

    So lot of intelligent people have been played – many, willfully. A lot of Jews living in Nazi Germany also doubted the warnings about Hitler’s real goal: to kill them. But a fool is truly some one who has been played and continues to remain in denial. I don’t think LI has its head in the sand anymore.

    We are facing an organized attempt at the violent overthrow of our duly elected government, with conspirators in the highest levels of our government (James Comey included.)

    It’s time to react as if our futures and our way of life are at stake – if not our lives. Remember: it’s usually leftists who have histories of genocide against political opponents.

    Most important to remember, it was “barack, the media organ-grinder monkey” who was the first American elected official in our history who advocated violence against political opposition within the U.S. And so did members of his cabinet (Lynch, etc.) It is the likes of the failed media organ-grinder monkees hillary clinton and Fauxcahontas warren who urge luantics to ‘resist.’ There are even obama advisors who cheer on genocide, and/or advocate it as a political end:

    So the the cat is finally out of the bag: we need to react to this like it is the emergency it is. Attorney General Sessions needs to drop most mere criminal investigations and prosecutions and pull out all stops in prosecuting sedition and corruption.

    A good start would be to indict clinton, sharpton (massive tax evasion) and ALL the felonious leakers within our government, as well as treating the likes of Antifa with the same prosecutorial focus as against MS13. Sessions also needs to consider indictments for incitement against the likes of MSNBC and the NY Times (who leaked the location of the baseball practice area.) Finally, Soros needs to be investigated for sedition.

    Hopefully Sarah Palin breaks the NY Times financially with a lawsuit:

You’re dealing with scum. Never forget that.

Be the change you want to be.

“But the kitchen is on fire! Help us!”

No worries, I’m building an addition onto the east wing. It will be glorious.

“But the fire has spread to the hallway! Help!”

Sorry, I can’t abide conflict. So much drama. So distasteful. And just look at how beautiful the east wing will be! I’m being the change I want to be.

“But the fire! It’s spreading! Are you daft? The east wing is connected to-”

Snit snif. What’s that smell? Where is all that smoke coming from?

Nice words.
But the left is in complete denial.
Many of their pundits simply refuse to admit that any “violent rhetoric” comes from their side.

It’s time to write your Senators and Congressmen, especially the election deniers among them, and politely inform them that the toxicity in their words and actions ceases, now.

It is also time to contact your local Chief of police, mayor, and city council, and inform them that their job is to keep the peace, and if they fail, they will be replaced at the earliest possible regular electoral opportunity.

I would recommend copying your local newspaper with at least one of the letters.

CO2 emissions from left of center are first order forcings of catastrophic anthropogenic climate change. Left of center are trying to sell indulgences (“carbon credits”) by equating a human rights issue: the right to life, with the self-serving violence of redistributive and retributive change.

Walker Evans | June 15, 2017 at 11:29 pm

I have been fearing this was going to happen since a few days after the election. It was difficult for me to believe the bile being spewed out by the Left was real; it felt as if I had fallen through the Looking Glass into some reversed world. As time has passed it has proven to be horribly real and the Wonderland analogy appears incredibly apt.

We have seen so-called “celebrities” calling for the bombing of the White House; members of Congress calling for the impeachment of a man not yet sworn into office; literally hundreds if not thousands of people ranting that the duly elected candidate is “Not MY President”; massive riots to prevent people who support our President from speaking. And now, to the surprise of no one who has been watching all this unfold, one of the people following the leaders of the Loony Left has taken to the streets with murderous intent, specifically targeting those on the right.

For a brief moment, the Left expressed surprise and shock that such a thing could happen, but they didn’t admit ownership of the ideology that precipitated the shooting. And as noted that moment was brief; it was back to business as usual today.

For the rest of us there seems to be no way to muzzle the Left to stop the spread of the bitter hatred which is infecting so many. Our only rational response is to be ready to defend ourselves, our families, our communities, and our country when the next Hodgkinson attacks. Keep your muskets, or their 21st century analogs, close and ready; keep a goodly supply of ammunition on hand, and; become proficient with that weapon through meaningful practice: the Loony Left is making more Hodgkinsons daily.

You don’t have to hate them.

But you do have to fight them.

Fen: they were cultivating a culture of hate, encouraging their brownshirts to murder you for the sin of being a “nazi”

4fun: You’re dealing with scum. Never forget that. A lot of Jews living in Nazi Germany also doubted the warnings about Hitler’s real goal: to kill them.

“Check your speech, your actions, your anger, your tone.”

    SDN in reply to Zachriel. | June 16, 2017 at 10:23 am

    Nope. Not any more. For decades, you Leftist anti-Americans made it plain that “no matter what this sign says, you’ll call it racist.”

    We tried playing by the rules. We were civil. It didn’t matter. You still wouldn’t leave us alone. So you can get what you asked for.

      SDN: So you can get what you asked for.

      Proving the point.

        SDN in reply to Zachriel. | June 18, 2017 at 6:51 am

        Yeah, Zack, proving the point that your “look what you made me do” doesn’t budge the sympathy meter. You Leftists sowed the wind for 50 years; now you can get harvested.

          SDN: proving the point that your “look what you made me do” doesn’t budge the sympathy meter

          Sympathy isn’t the question, but that fact that there is incendiary rhetoric on both sides of the political spectrum, as your own contribution demonstrates.

While at the doctor’s office this morning they had CNN News on their TV. Anchor Alisyn Camerota was talking about the senator being shot then made the following statement that “with the toxic negativity coming out of Capital Hill this would not have happened” !! It’s the MSM and their Pathological Lying journalist that take the Truth & Facts, Flush them down the Toilet, then spin their own version of what happened that is causing our nation to be at War. I’m glad to see all the congressmen/women joining in at the game and to see them praying but until the MSM is handcuffed and Duct Tape put over their mouths then our nation will not heal !!

    gracepc in reply to tcurran. | June 16, 2017 at 11:30 am

    Camerota should be locked in a room and have to listen to a reply of her comments during the time she was at Fox. No alt right, she definitely was not this. Crawling for the paycheck is unseemly.

“After a fair election representing the will of the people, we have seen nothing but a culture of hate spewed forth by the Left.”

Oh, no. Don’t you DARE pretend this was just the Left.

#NeverTrumpers like Rags, and the Three Cuckateers (Williamson, French, Goldberg) over at NRO, can own their full share of this. They made it respectable and gave it the SAME cover that “moderate Muslims” give ISIS.

Every article about how rural white communities should just go ahead and die; every lie about Trump and his supporters; all of that just allowed the Left to claim “See, See! [#NeverTrumper “conservative”] agrees with me that Trump and you people who support him are raaaaacist / homophobic / whatever deplorables who deserve whatever you get.”

The frightening thing is the dead shooter was not some fringe crazy. No. He was your average Democrat who hates Republicans and Trump and feels that he has a right to shoot us. Average Democrat. Average anti Trumper.

I well remember Hillary Clinton telling a rally crowd that she wanted to see protesters carried out on stretchers.

The Liberal Progressives are never going to stop or change. Their goal is to reshape this nation to mirror their own delusions.

In the words of that esteemed philosopher Bugs Bunny; “Of course you know, this means war”.