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Oxford Lets Female Students Take Exam at Home Because Equality or Something

Oxford Lets Female Students Take Exam at Home Because Equality or Something

“part of final year exams which students take in year five”

Isn’t this actually an insult to women? You can take the exam home because you’re not as smart as men.

The New York Post reported:

University lets female students take home exam to try and close gender gap

In an effort to help female students close the gap on men, they will be allowed to sit exams at home.

Oxford University in the UK is going to let history students answer a paper from home. The paper is part of final year exams which students take in year five.

On a closer look at the data, it was found that 32 percent of women scored the highest grade in history at Oxford. That’s in comparison to 37 percent of men. The learning from that was “men are much more likely to get a first-class degree,” reports The Times.

The new exam format will begin in the next academic year.

Oxford is one of the most renowned and elite universities in the UK. Sitting closely alongside it in those terms is Cambridge University.

The Times reports, the average gender gap is nearly nine percent across all subjects. As a result, Cambridge is reviewing their system “in order to understand any variations and how we can mitigate them effectively.”


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One of my brothers is a professor at Cambridge (well, every family has its black sheep). And he has quite a store of tales about the absurd tricks they have to play to maintain an illusion that some of their female Ph.D. candidates are actually qualified for their degrees. Not all of them, obviously, but still far too many.

But he sees nothing wrong in this; it’s like it’s just part of the job. Getting a few grossly unqualified people through the system seems to be considered some sort of accomplishment. He doesn’t see it as diluting and cheapening his own field and profession. And he gets very huffy at any suggestion that he might be doing just that.

Perhaps it’s an attitude which comes from living in Europe for too long.

pilgrim1949 | June 15, 2017 at 9:17 am

Alas, not quite living up to Helen Reddy’s “I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!”

More like:

…hear me whimper
…hear me complain
…hear me make excuses
…hear me demand “accommodation” to compensate for why I can’t “make it” on my own (yet, less than equal?) without special help

Yup, you’ve come a long way, baby.

I believe they are letting ALL the students take the exam at home. They hope the women will do better, relative to men, when they all take the exam at home vs. in class.

I am confused though about “year five”. I am pretty sure Oxford bachelor degrees take three years. Unless they’re counting from the time of O-levels, but that’s two years before the kids would have even been admitted to Oxford.