Trump’s election has brought out the worst in half of the country. We’ve chronicled much of it.

Rather than accepting Trump as president, we’ve seen attempt after attempt to delegitimize the Trump presidency and the undermining of each and every policy initiative.

I’ve long said that all the minutia aside, the fundamental difference between the American left and the American right is the belief in the proper role of government in the lives of individuals.

When government is placed in a station of necessity and the god by which a majority life’s chores must first be approved — internet usage, check-ups, dietary recommendations, educational decisions, etc. — it’s not terribly surprising that so many have lost their ever loving minds that their government god no longer agrees with their priorities.

Mark Steyn joined Fox News’ Tucker Carlson last night and spoke directly to this issue. His advice? Get a life.

“Get a life. If the person you want didn’t make it to president, tough. You can have another go in four years,” said Steyn.

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