Donny Deutsch prefaced his remarks by warning he was going to go “thug” and “low,” and proceeded to deliver.

On today’s Morning Joe, responding to President Trump’s tweets about Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, Deutsch went on an angry rant, calling the President a “pig” and “physically disgusting.”

When Willie Geist asked Deutsch if his remarks didn’t lower the discourse, an unrepentant Deutsch responded: “it absolutely does, and maybe it’s time we all stopped tippy-toeing. I’m taking the low ground here.” Concluded Deutsch: “I probably won’t be on this show again.”

Note: Deutsch also tried to draw attention to himself. When Geist first turned to him, Deutsch was wearing dark shades, facetiously explaining that he had had a “little work done,” an allusion to President Trump’s tweet about Mika having had a facelift [which she has denied.]

Note segundo: Later in the show, Deutsch went macho, suggesting that if Trump had said something similar about his daughter, he’d challenge him to a fight. Noting that both he and Trump were from Queens, Deutsch said, “I’ll meet you in the schoolyard, brother. You need to be schooled.  No, I’m serious, this is where this needs to be–” until he was  cut off by Joe: “can you put the sunglasses back on?”

WILLIE GEIST: We’ve got Donny Deutsch with us. Donny wearing shades this morning. I had a little work done and I just am a little self-conscious about it. So —

WILLIE: What did you do, like a little lift?

DEUTSCH: Just a little eye thing.

WILLIE: A tuck?

DEUTSCH: But, I’m a little sensitive to it, so.

. . .

DEUTSCH: First of all, he picked the wrong schoolyard to come into, I have to tell you this. I’m not an employee of NBC so I can, I’m going to go thug here, okay?

I’m sorry. Because Mika’s a friend of ours, she’s a good woman, she’s a great mom and he’s a pig. He’s a vulgar pig. And I find what’s ironic about it. Michelle Obama says when they go high, I mean, when they go low, we go. When he goes low, I’m going low. You guys will take the high road, I’m going to take the low road.

He’s physically disgusting to look at. I mean, that’s what I find ironic about the way he always starts to go after other people’s physical attributes. So, beyond the fact he’s obviously not well, and Joe and Mika have a great column on it, he’s clearly, forget, the obvious misogynism, the obvious vulgarity, the obvious stupidity, he’s not mentally okay. This is a man with nuclear codes, we have to start paying attention to it, and he’s disgusting to look at. I know, everybody’s going to say —

KATTY KAY: That is irrelevant —

ELISE JORDAN: — on so many levels.

DEUTSCH: No, no: let me tell you why it’s not irrelevant. Enough is enough! Enough is enough with this disgusting, vulgar man. And to talk about women that way and the irony is that — you physically look like you do — beyond the stupidity of it, you’re a pig, you are a bully and you are doing disgusting things to this country.

WILLIE: But, Donny, doesn’t it lower, again, the discourse to say what you said about his physical appearance?

DEUTSCH: Yes, for me, yes. You know what? It absolutely does. And maybe it’s time that we all stop tippy-toeing. I’m taking the low ground here. You know what? He goes after a woman that way. he goes after a friend that way. He is a vulgar human being. He’s vulgar to look at. He’s disgusting the way he behaves himself as the president. And I’m sorry. I probably won’t be on this show again.

WILLIE: Put the shades back on.


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