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Old Dominion U. ‘Safe Space Committee’ Concerned About ‘Heterosexism’

Old Dominion U. ‘Safe Space Committee’ Concerned About ‘Heterosexism’

“the idea that heterosexuality is the more desirable form of sexual orientation”

This might be the first time we’ve heard of a school that actually has a safe space “committee.”

Campus Reform reports:

‘Safe Space Committee’ works to challenge ‘heterosexism’

Old Dominion University’s “Safe Space Committee” is seeking to cultivate a climate of diversity by reducing “homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism” on campus.

According to the committee’s website, the organization is dedicated “to a vision of a community that is open, safe, and accepting to all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning people and allies.”

Heterosexism, a term that commonly appears in the gender studies literature, relates to the alleged prejudice against homosexuals based on the idea that heterosexuality is the more desirable form of sexual orientation.

To curb heterosexism and other forms of alleged discrimination, the committee provides training courses and educational programs for the university’s students and faculty.

The training initiatives include programs such as the Safe Space Ally Certification, Student Ally Certification, and LGBTQ 101.

The programs are mainly designed to “educate the community on issues/trends/concerns with LGBTQ students, faculty and staff” and “provide an overview of what it means to be an ‘ally’ for any ODU faculty, staff or student.”


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Reduce Heterosexism.


Is the the “mandatory” Bob Hope was worried about?

Cuz it’s looking more and more like in order to not be considered anti-gay or anti-trans you *must* have non-hetero sex.

BTW, this university is in Norfolk, VA and not too far from PETA HQ in one direction and the Norfolk Navy base in the other.

If you happen to watch Velocity channel’s “Fantomworks”, their garage is just south of the ODU campus.

It’s the normal one.

These people are all smoking their socks.

The way these people use the word “ally” has rather sinister connotations in my opinion.

And the kind of sexual orientation that *ahem* allows these Densa (Mensa’s inverse counterpart) candidates to be here spouting such nonsense is……

….let me think….

….the biological “sciences” might have something to do with it….don’t rush me now….

NON-hetero-sexuality! Of course!!!