Just think of all the job opportunities which will be available to someone with a degree in social justice.

Campus Reform reports:

Ohio Wesleyan to launch ‘Social Justice Major’ in fall

Ohio Wesleyan University will begin offering a degree in Social Justice starting this fall.

“Truly understanding issues of social justice and taking effective action requires knowledge and skills in areas such as economics, politics, philosophy, education, religion, sociology, and more,” the university asserts on its website. “OWU’s social justice major will help you develop the knowledge and skills needed to analyze social injustices and theorize and work toward positive social change.”

Students who pursue the new major are expected to “develop the knowledge and skills to think critically on the meaning of social justice locally and globally, examine the dynamics of societal conflicts, and analyze social issues from many perspectives,” though the format is described as “highly flexible,” giving students the option to focus their studies on specific topics such as “global feminism, gender, Latin American culture, labor economics, poverty, civil rights, and the environment.”

In a section highlighting previous social justice initiatives on campus, the school also touts its “House of Peace and Justice,” one of several “Small Living Units” at OWU that serves as “a community of socially aware and active individuals.”

The House of Peace and Justice is also one of six officially-designated “Safe Zones,” indicating that participants have undergone training in fostering “an inclusive and safe space for all genders.”


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