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Northeastern Illinois U. to Cut 180 Jobs Due to Financial Strain

Northeastern Illinois U. to Cut 180 Jobs Due to Financial Strain

“We’ve been pushed to our limits”

Northeastern Illinois University has been circling a financial drain for a while but the situation is getting pretty desperate now.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

Northeastern Illinois University to cut about 180 jobs: ‘the devastation increases’

For nearly two years, the state budget standoff has placed Northeastern Illinois University in an ever-tightening vise as the school’s administrators have worked to continue operations amid steep reductions in state funding.

Leaders have tried increasingly drastic strategies to cut costs, culminating in campuswide furloughs that shut down the campus for eight days this spring and even forced students out of work. All the while, officials warned of worse to come.

On Tuesday, the 700th day without a budget, those warnings came true.

University officials announced Tuesday that they would eliminate about 180 full-time jobs this summer. The cuts include about 130 civil service and 50 administrative and professional employees — a quarter of the staffing in both categories. Those workers will receive layoff notices within the next six to seven weeks, interim President Richard Helldobler said.

The move is expected to save about $9 million through September, helping to reduce a $10.8 million shortfall, Helldobler said. Other cuts will come through a spending freeze and leaving some positions vacant, he said. The cuts do not affect academic faculty members.

“We’ve been pushed to our limits,” Helldobler said at a news conference. “It has been devastating, and sadly today the devastation increases.”


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Simple. Get rid of the sciences, economics, maths, business and accounting courses, American and European history. Keep courses on Islam and Eastern religions, grievance and gender studies, race and privilege, Howard Zinn’s America.
Oh wait. You already did that.

The Friendly Grizzly | June 2, 2017 at 7:37 pm

I am sure that the Dean of Transgendered Students of Color with Disabilities will retain her job, as will the entire staph of Campus Outreach and Diversity Administration.

At UCLA there are so-called professors making $400K+ a year.

Big Oil and Big Pharma ain’t got nuthin’ on Big Education.