The number of schools in North Carolina which get top free speech ratings from FIRE puts the state in a unique and admirable position.

The College Fix reported:

The best state for campus free speech is … North Carolina?

North Carolina seems intent on proving that its university campuses aren’t micromanaging what students can say and do in the name of political correctness.

Four of its public universities received the “green light” designation from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education in the past two months, signifying their written policies “nominally protect free speech.”

With six schools now rated as green-light institutions, North Carolina has the most of any state in FIRE’s Spotlight database of speech codes, FIRE said in a release Tuesday.

The newest member of the club is East Carolina State, where Prof. Craig Malmrose asked the administration to revise its “yellow light” (vague or overbroad) codes so the school could get nationally recognized as supportive of free expression.

Last week UNC-Charlotte received the green light, which was prompted by the activism of student Savannah Soto. Last month UNC-Greensboro and North Carolina Central got the same status. Duke and the UNC flagship campus earlier received green-light status.