Two months ago, we reported on Morning Joe going “Crazy over Trump’s Mental Health.” The show was back on that beat today, with two variations on the theme.

First, panel members were able to cite a Wall Street Journal editorial harshly criticizing President Trump for his tweeting habits, describing him as a person “with a propensity for self-destructive behavior [who] can’t seem to help” himself and who is his own “most effective opponent.”

That same Wall Street Journal editorial reports that a recent Trump Twitter burst came in response to a Morning Joe segment on the immigration executive order.

Second, at the end of the discussion, Donny Deutsch suggested that people of “gravitas” in the administration like McMaster and Mattis inform the country that “something is not right . . . something is troubling” with the president. A possible prelude to removal?

We’ve created a YouTube montage of the numerous statements by the Morning Joe panel questioning President Trump’s mental health. Perhaps most striking among them was Joe Scarborough’s suggestion that if Trump were the CEO of a Fortune 500 country, he would be given a “psychiatric evaluation” and removed from his position.

Note: the WSJ editorial and other complaints about his online habits notwithstanding, President Trump is not backing down on his use of Twitter.