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Mizzou Reduced to Renting Out Dorm Rooms to Sports Fans

Mizzou Reduced to Renting Out Dorm Rooms to Sports Fans

“for the relatively low price of $120/night”

Mizzou is trying to make up for lost revenue by becoming a sort of motel.

Campus Reform reports:

Shunned by students, Mizzou opens dorms to sports fans

The University of Missouri is planning to rent out some of its vacated dorms to make up for many of the school’s significant financial woes.

A housing request form available on the school’s website specifies that guests will be treated to a “furnished two-bedroom suite with four single beds” for the relatively low price of $120/night, which includes high-speed Internet access, bed linens, and towels, but not parking.

As Campus Reform has previously reported, the racially-motivated uprising that shut down Mizzou’s campus in 2015 cost the university close to a quarter of its freshmen class the following year, leaving the school worse off than it had initially anticipated.

The school continues to dig itself out of a $32 million financial hole brought on by both low enrollment numbers as well as a state legislature that proposed cuts of $1 million to Mizzou’s allocation of state funds and $7.6 million to the System’s administrative funds.

More recently, University of Missouri System President Mun Choi announced that he would be eliminating 474 jobs, 307 of which would be cut from the System’s Columbia campus, where the 2015 protests occurred.

The university has shuttered seven residence halls due to the drastic drop in enrollment, but disclosed plans Friday to rent the vacated dorm rooms out to eager sports fans.


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If they can’t get students to sign up, I wonder how their athletic programs are going to do, and by extension how many people are going to be so excited to see them that they’ll rent a dorm room?

The turd circles the bowl.

Turn the land back to farming and grow soybeans so there will be enough tofu for the unemployed libs. Tofu…..the cows get the better part.

buckeyeminuteman | June 27, 2017 at 10:38 am

Maybe it will go the way of Illinois and just be dissolved all together!