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McAuliffe Passes Out College Board Seats to Current and Former Cabinet Members

McAuliffe Passes Out College Board Seats to Current and Former Cabinet Members

“some of Virginia’s juiciest political plums”

This is a perfect example of the cronyism in government so many people have come to loathe.

The Washington Post reports:

McAuliffe rewards current and former Cabinet members with college board seats

Gov. Terry McAuliffe doled out some of Virginia’s juiciest political plums to seven current or former administration officials and two of their wives on Friday, appointing them to boards overseeing state colleges and universities.

It is not uncommon for governors to reward top donors and political allies with Board of Visitors seats, an unpaid but respected perch in the state’s highly regarded public university system. But McAuliffe (D) raised Republican eyebrows by unveiling so many administration-linked appointees at once, in his last round of Board of Visitors picks before he leaves office in January.

Some of the complaints centered on McAuliffe’s selection of three current Cabinet members, though they will not begin serving on the college boards until they leave the governor’s administration.

“These BOV appts are pure political patronage,” Del. C. Todd Gilbert (R-Shenandoah) tweeted. “Unfortunate step back in efforts to improve governance in higher ed.”

McAuliffe spokesman Brian Coy called Republican objections “shrill partisan attacks” that “do not change the fact that these individuals are qualified to contribute to these universities and the best system of higher education in the nation.”


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