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Loyola U. Chicago Program Aims to Cure Students of White Privilege

Loyola U. Chicago Program Aims to Cure Students of White Privilege

“meaningful dialogue about anti-racist, anti-supremacist efforts”

This is more left wing social engineering hiding behind the respectability of a university. What does it have to do with real academic study?

The Daily Caller reports:

College Holds Class Only White People Can Attend To Learn How To Stop Being Racist

Loyola University Chicago is revamping a program that teaches white people how to rid themselves of their racism.

Ramblers Analyzing Whiteness, the program, launched three years ago for students who identified as white and wanted to cure themselves of their “white privilege,” the College Fix reported Thursday.

“The Committee members who lead the workshops are identified as R.A.W Guides who work with each cohort of students to create brave, affinity spaces for students to engage in meaningful dialogue about anti-racist, anti-supremacist efforts, racial justice, and allyship,” the R.A.W website explains.

R.A.W. confirmed to the College Fix that the program would start up again for the 2017-2018 school year, due to a renewed interest.

This year’s program will consist of groups of six to 10 students who will meet for two hours seven times over the year to discuss topics like analyzing white privilege, the cycle of oppression and how to be an ally. Participants are only allowed to miss two meetings.


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Brace yourselves snowflakes, because this is going to sound harsh and maybe even racist. So before you run away screaming to your safe space or burning cars and rioting just try to deal with facts at hand. My friend Nikitas wrote a piece on his site about this topic and I’d like to pass it along. These are his written thoughts on the subject of white privilege:
“No, friends, there is no “white privilege”. The higher status of certain people in America like white men generally is a result of two things – intelligence and diligence – that help those people to better themselves. And white people, particularly white men, just happen to have the most intelligence and diligence of all the world’s people, and historically have.

That is why European and American ideas have led the world for thousands of years, and why modern Euro/American technology like computers, electricity, the internal combustion engine and refrigeration today dominates the entire globe while the miniscule group of a few dozen white men who invented all of this technology is just an infinitesimal fraction of the world’s total historical population”.
It is important to understand that he is not saying non whites do not have the attributes of intelligence or diligence. Rather he factually explains why western and european cultures have done so well comparatively. Now, before the replies of “racist!” reign down, and counter explanations cite the oppressive enslavement by whites, remember that slavery has existed (not condoned) and practiced by EVERY race on the planet…period! There is no culture or race that is free from the sin of man and the potential evil we all have suppressed deep within our minds and souls. It is rather how we control, act, and socialize with others as a culture and in our case Americans.