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Layoffs Begin at University of Missouri Headquarters

Layoffs Begin at University of Missouri Headquarters

“The layoffs precede a big announcement expected Friday”

Mizzou has never fully recovered from the highly publicized campus protests of 2015. Now, layoffs are starting to happen.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports:

University of Missouri System begins layoffs at headquarters

The University of Missouri System began a major round of layoffs at its Columbia headquarters Wednesday in a cost-cutting move that appears to at least initially be affecting its lobbying and public-relations operations.

As of Wednesday afternoon, several sources confirmed numerous employees had been let go in the university relations department. However, the extent of the job losses at the headquarters were not clear.

The 18-person university relations department houses federal and state lobbyists, the custodian of records and nine communications employees.

The layoffs precede a big announcement expected Friday from system president Mun Choi on the final decisions about budget cuts at the system and all four campuses: Columbia, Rolla, St. Louis and Kansas City.

A representative for the university system declined to comment Wednesday, but said that layoffs will be part of Friday’s announcement.

Earlier this year, Choi instructed all campuses to propose cuts of anywhere between 8 percent to 12 percent of their budgets, be it program elimination, layoffs or any other means.


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This is the fruits of Progressivism.

How many of the 100 faculty members who signed a letter in defense of Melissa Click will be laid off? I’m guessing: zero.

Until this affects the SJW class Academics and Bureaucracy, they’re whistling past the graveyard

Good. I hope this happens to every university that worships the icons of diversity and liberalism. Why does a university need a lobbying staff? Cut off their funds, both state and federal.

Obviously not much of a college.