If taxpayers are funding public colleges and the loans which make it possible for many students to attend them, then taxpayers are completely entitled to issue demands.

That’s the subject of a new column I’ve written for Townhall:

American Taxpayers Should Start Issuing Demands to College Students

If you offered to buy dinner for a total stranger, but the minute you got a table in a decent restaurant your guest stood up on his or her chair and began loudly issuing demands, how long would you sit there and listen before getting up and walking out? Most people probably wouldn’t even make it to the drink order.

This scenario may sound cartoonish, yet it accurately describes the relationship between American taxpayers and increasingly radical leftist college students…

Here’s the question American taxpayers should be asking themselves: Who is paying the bill for this?

Here’s the harsh answer: They are.

There is good news, however and here it is. The people who pay the bills are more entitled to make demands and that’s exactly what American taxpayers should start doing.

Here are a few suggestions which I offer taxpayers as a guide:

1. Public colleges and universities which do not defend the free speech rights of students, faculty or speakers invited by recognized student groups should be stripped of all tax funding.

Read the whole thing.

Bret Weinstein, the Evergreen State College professor at the center of ridiculous student outrage at the school, told Tucker Carlson last night that he still hasn’t returned to campus. Apparently, the administration has done next to nothing to guarantee his safety. Watch:

Meanwhile, Evergreen State College President George Bridges has finally said something negative about the behavior of the students. He’s “disappointed” in them.

KING 5 News reports:

Evergreen State College president ‘immensely disappointed’ by protesters

Students involved in on-campus protests at The Evergreen State College could be punished, according to college president Dr. George Bridges.

In May, dozens of protesters interrupted a class taught by Bret Weinstein, a biology teacher.

The students called for Weinstein’s resignation after he criticized moves to change campus policies involving race.

He also refused to participate in an April event where white students and faculty members were encouraged to leave campus.

Following the protest, Weinstein held classes off-campus. Campus police told him they could not guarantee his safety at the college.

“I was immensely disappointed with the students who obstructed his class,” Bridges said. “Those actions are indefensible.”

Bridges said the school is investigating the students involved.

Too little, too late. If the administration at Evergreen (and other schools) won’t take action to stop the madness, then the people who are paying the bills, i.e. taxpayers, should start issuing demands of their own.

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