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Franklin Pierce College Offers Students ‘Safe Space Pledge’

Franklin Pierce College Offers Students ‘Safe Space Pledge’


It’s probably a safe bet to think any student who embraces the safe space pledge probably needs a trigger warning for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Campus Reform reports:

University serves up soaring ‘safe space’ pledge

Franklin Pierce University now has a “Safe Space Pledge” listed on a website dedicated to “student conduct and community standards.”

According to the pledge, it is a student’s “responsibility to be an ally,” noting that “a Raven (the university’s mascot) demonstrates integrity and respect for the community.”

“We must recognize that discrimination is not accepted, there is no excuse,” the Safe Space Pledge declares. “It is our responsibility to intervene, safely, in situations where discrimination has occurred.”

The pledge goes on to state that students “must come together to create a safe environment in which diversity and inclusion are appreciated and where everyone is welcomed.”

“It’s On Us, all of us, at Franklin Pierce University to end all forms of discrimination,” the pledge adds.

Meanwhile, the school’s “community standards” website advertises a “Safe Space Training” for “students, faculty, and staff” who wish to develop “skills to effectively support, affirm, refer, and advocate for LGBTQ+ community members” and learn “how to respond to and report incidents of hatred including assault and harassment.”


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So did the Black Student’s Union offer any commentary?