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Former Poland President’s Coffin had Other Body Parts in It

Former Poland President’s Coffin had Other Body Parts in It


The Polish government has re-opened the investigation into the plane crash that killed former president Lech Kaczynski in 2010 over Smolensk, Russia. Authorities have examined the coffins of Kaczynski and 11 victims and, well, they found something they did not expect. From Reuters:

Polish authorities said on Thursday they had found the remains of two other people in the coffin of former president Lech Kaczynski while investigating the plane crash in Russia that killed him and 95 others in 2010.

The caskets of 11 further victims also contained body parts of others, prosecutors said after examining 24 coffins from the crash, which some officials of the ruling right-wing party have blamed on an explosion aboard, without providing evidence.

The April 2010 crash near the western Russian city of Smolensk – the worst such disaster for Poland since World War Two – has left Polish society deeply divided over the cause despite the previous, centrist government’s conclusion from its own investigation that pilot error was at fault.

Deputy Prosecutor General Marek Pasionek told reporters that in 12 of 24 coffins reopened since last year, bodies had been swapped in two, one contained half the body of another person while nine other caskets held scattered remains of other victims.

He said the coffin of Archbishop Miron Chodakowski contained only the upper half of his body while the lower half belonged to late General Tadeusz Ploski.

In the coffin of General Bronislaw Kwiatkowski there were 14 body parts belonging to seven other people, Pasionek said, adding that post-mortems would be finished by April next year.

Polish officials have criticized Russian officials for disrespecting their dead:

“Today we know that there was no diligence in (the post mortems conducted in Russia). There was nonchalance in the best case, and ill-will in the worst case,” Magdalena Merta, the widow of Tomasz Merta, a senior culture ministry official who died in the crash, told the Polish state agency PAP.

She accused Russia of “displaying a filthy attitude towards our dead”.


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