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Former NYT Editor: Republican “Rage Machine” Responsible For Current Political Climate

Former NYT Editor: Republican “Rage Machine” Responsible For Current Political Climate

“I do think that both sides are not equally at fault”

In the wake of the Scalise shooting, Fareed Zakaria hosted a segment on his CNN show this morning devoted to addressing how Republicans and Democrats can stop their “internecine struggle” and “reconcile.” Two of the guests bought into the premise, discussing the challenges involved and possible approaches to reconciliation.

But the third guest, Jill Abramson, who was fired in 2014 as executive editor of the New York Times, was having none of the kumbaya. To the contrary, she decried a supposed “false equivalency” between Democrats and Republicans.

Abramson put the blame on Republicans for the divisive political climate and accused them of “benefiting from a kind of rage machine that operates in this country.”

So Republicans are disproportionately responsible for current divisiveness?

Let’s review:

  • Leftists regularly prevent—violently at times—conservatives from speaking on campus.
  • A liberal “comedian”/CNN host displays a realistic image of Donald Trump’s severed head.
  • Liberals stage a play in America’s most famous park depicting the assassination of Trump.
  • A CNN host denounces President Trump as a “piece of s—.”
  • In denouncing their opponents, Dem politicians regularly drop f-bombs.
  • Most recently, an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter shoots at a group of Republicans, grievously wounding the #3 Republican in the House, among others.

What’s particularly grotesque about Abramson’s accusation is her specific condemnation of a false equivalency “especially in the discussion over the past couple of days.”

The focus of the discussion in the past “couple of days” has of course been the Scalise shooting. Is Abramson really blaming Republicans for that?

ED LUCE: It’s very hard to imagine how civility can ensue when people don’t even meet each other or live near each other who hold different positions or let their children marry or wish their children to marry people of different views. So that’s my concern, there is no public square.

FAREED ZAKARIA: Jill, you’ve written that you think that while all this is true, this is not a situation where both sides are equally at fault.

JILL ABRAMSON: I do think that both sides are not equally at fault, and that there’s been a bit of a false equivalency at work, especially in the discussion over the past couple of days. I think that in terms of political leadership right now that both President Trump and the congressional leadership on the Republican side are extremely divisive and that they are really benefiting from a kind of rage machine that operates in this country.


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Showing once again why she was fired. She is so full of her left wing politics she is blind to reality. Worse, she revels in her hatred.

    pfg in reply to puhiawa. | June 18, 2017 at 1:28 pm

    The distinguished circles under her eyes indicates lack of sleep, clear thinking, and incredibly poor eyesight. The poor dear can’t even see who’s been picking up rocks and throwing them.

      paradigmshiftvch in reply to pfg. | June 18, 2017 at 4:33 pm

      wow, sounds like you graduated from Trump University school of Insults…wonder what names P.T. would honestly call S. Huckabee were she on the other side instead of where she is, ceremoniously licking his boots in public forums. Let’s face it, if Rosie O’Donnell had kissed his ring, sung his praises,and all the other blah, blah, blah, he might not have publically crucified her with cut downs about her appearance. Gee, that’s what I have always wanted in a president: someone who insults my intelligence as a voter to claim that I would still vote for him if he shot someone. Do you not get how much he is disrespecting his loyal followers in that statement – just one of many verbal train wrecks.

      The one picking up boulders and throwing them constantly at ANYONE who refuses to pledge loyalty to him or feed the ugly monster that is his ego is that man-baby leading our country. It all boils down – daily – to the insatiable ego-monster’s need to be lavished with praise. That is not normal. It is not the conduct of a civil servant putting country before self-interest. This is dysfunctional, co-dependent, toxic drama has taken on a life of its own and guess who’s sucking all the oxygen out of every room??? SAD…

        I think you missed a couple of the loony liberal talking points.

        You’re gonna have to try harder, nOOb

        Yes, troll, he graduated from Trump University school of Insults – a degree much more marketable than any from the poor excuse of a school that purported educated you.

        Speaking of TRUSofI, you might enjoy some jokes from a student’s thesis:

        – Did you hear about the new Obama Diet? You let Putin eat your lunch every day.
        – How does Obama win the war on terror? He renames it!
        – Did you hear about the reporter who asked Obama a hard question? Neither have we!
        – How many democrats does it take to change a light bulb? 5! Al Gore to insure it’s a CFL, an EPA agent in case the bulb breaks and a mercury cleanup is necessary, a person to bail out the home owner, an ACORN member to ensure that the right person changed the bulb, and a member of the media to celebrate the change.
        – Some Republicans are saying that due to his scandals, Obama should have been impeached. In response, Obama laughed and said, ‘Two words fellas: President Biden.’
        – Why won’t Obama have a turkey for Thanksgiving? Because Vice President Biden will be out of town.
        – Democrats and liberals always say they are smarter than conservatives. If that is true, then why do Democrats always have problems filling out a ballot?
        – What do Obama and financial scam artists have in common? They both say “yes we can,” they both give hope, they both take your money, and they both will leave you penniless in the end.
        – What do you get when you offer a liberal a penny for his thoughts? Change.
        – What’s the difference between Barack Obama and government bonds? Government bonds will mature someday.
        – Joe Biden accidentally revealed the location of the Vice President’s top secret bunker. The guy can’t help it. But he did apologize. He said, “I am so sorry for the mistake. The launch code is 85334. It will never happen again. It will never happen again. My Gmail password is robot23. What am I doing? The house key is under the plant near the doorstep.”
        – What was Obama’s slogan for the tough times he created? Spare Change You Can Believe In!

      goodspkr in reply to pfg. | June 19, 2017 at 8:53 am

      It seems a liberal protest can’t go by without a protester picking up a brick and throwing it at someone or something. It’s in their DNA.

    AmandaFitz in reply to puhiawa. | June 18, 2017 at 5:43 pm

    Interesting…Eight and a half years ago, I honestly thought that Barack Obama “might” begin to heal the racial divisions tearing the country apart. I quickly realized how wrong I was and that he was trafficking in dividing EVERYONE into different categories of race, sex, religion, income, age, etc. EVERYONE was to have some sort of “beef” with everyone else. He did NOTHING to unite the country and EVERYTHING to divide people.

    I NEVER personally attacked my adult children for their liberal political views, no matter how wrong I thought they were, but I have had my own children refuse to talk to me for a period of time. I have seen their friends “unfriend” family members on Facebook, refuse to talk to their conservative parents and generally behave as though they’d been raised in a barn! By and large, it is LIBERALS who are filled with rage and mean spiritedness and spite- whether their candidate wins or loses- though they’re far worse when they lose. They seem to be entirely too EMOTIONALLY invested in politics.

      paradigmshiftvch in reply to AmandaFitz. | June 18, 2017 at 6:17 pm

      Are you actually holding Obama responsible for the racial divides we are seeing today? That is rich. The fact that Bannon has been lurking around the country holding meetings in hotel banquet rooms with a bunch of white men is purely incidental? No seeds of discord have been sewn by this man and the Breitbart group?

      I am actually very grateful to Trump for his grotesque, uncultured, narcissistic persona. He and Bannon have succeeded in giving a voice to the Alt RIght, reminding naive folks like me that racism is going strong simply because it never went away for many white people. Just because it became socially taboo to show your real feelings publicly, like you’re better ’cause you’re white, didn’t mean people were evolving and becoming less racist. My bad. But to blame Obama for the fact that people who were racist when he became president remained racist during and after his terms, is very short-sighted. I see it as an excuse to not change…just blame the other guys. Personally, I love all the diversity that is America – even the racists. I pray extra hard for them. I am grateful to live in a country where people can worship and express themselves consistent with who they are…no apologies.

        ConradCA in reply to paradigmshiftvch. | June 18, 2017 at 9:54 pm

        Hitler used lies about Jews to win his election and Obama did the samething with lies to win is election and reelection.

        He traveled to New Orleans as a Senator where he told a largely black audience that they weren’t going to get the same waiver of Stafford Act given to Florida and NYC because they were black. This was a lie and Obama knew it was a lie because 2 weeks earlier this waiver had been passed by the Senate despite Obama’s vote against it. He preyed on blacks fears with lies for his political gain.

        In his 2012 reelection campaign he and his propaganda media told lies about George Zimmerman to foment racial hatred among blacks and thereby motivate them to turn out and vote for him.

        “The fact that Bannon has been lurking around the country holding meetings in hotel banquet rooms with a bunch of white men is purely incidental?”

        LOL, the latest paid commie prog with words written by the collective shows up to assure us how stupid they are. Please write some more fiction. We can all use the laugh.

        “Are you actually holding Obama responsible for the racial divides we are seeing today?…”

        Duh… Yes.

Was Jill on the Walter Duranty team the Times sent to the USSR to investigate Stalin’s murder campaign and found nearly none?

    alaskabob in reply to Whitewall. | June 18, 2017 at 1:57 pm

    You hit on a great point. How many on the Left celebrated the USSR under Lenin and Stalin… completely blind to the horror of the gulags and purges? It wasn’t “cracking a few eggs to make an omlet”, but laying waste to the hen house, the barnyard and the whole farm to boot in the name of Marxist progress. Jill’s hatred is so deep as to project all her hate to someone else. Extremely toxic.

    She probably was on the waiting list to be one of his executioners.

    So Jill, you moron: if it’s so good in leftist nations, why the hell don’t you immigrate to one?

    No answer, huh?

here in the reality based world, we call this sort of thing “projection”…

i can’t have conservative bumper stickers on my car without it being vandalized.

if i wear conservative t-shirts out in public here in Lost Angels, #Failifornia, i get disapproving looks, openly hostile reactions from both adults & their children, and i fully expect, at one time or another, to be physically assaulted.

dishonest hack is dishonest.

    alaskabob in reply to redc1c4. | June 18, 2017 at 2:00 pm

    Remember the book “Black Like Me”? Now it is “Conservative Like Me”. The people who brought you racism now move on from Black to “red”.

    Milhouse in reply to redc1c4. | June 18, 2017 at 2:51 pm

    Projection is exactly what it is, and it’s been going on for a long time. Democrats assume that their shenanigans are OK because surely Republicans do the same thing. They’re flabbergasted when told that no, actually, Republicans don’t do that.

    (I’m thinking specifically of Haley Barbour’s testimony at a Senate hearing back in ’95 or so. He was confronted by a D senator absolutely confident that he’d caught him in a crime, which would make the proven D crimes look not so bad, and was completely not expecting Barbour to explain that no, he’d actually been careful to comply with the law, isn’t everyone?)

Abramson is a Fake News liar. She is too left even for the lefty NYTs. Sorry, the rage is about 90% from the left. The 10% from the right is a reaction to it, and justifiably so.

Colonel Travis | June 18, 2017 at 1:14 pm

How come the right is so full of hate but doesn’t shoot members of Congress when not sending them death threats and burn cars and block speakers from colleges, stab to death the president onstage every night in Central park, regularly physically assault supporters of the opposition, etc. while the left is so loving and tolerant yet shoots members of Congress when not sending them death threats and burns cars and blocks speakers from colleges, stabs to death the president onstage every night in Central park, regularly physically assaults supporters of the opposition, etc.

Seems kinda weird that Jill Abramson has it backwards. Can’t imagine why intellectual honesty isn’t a strong suit of the left.

Oh, silly me. I get it. If the left had any intellectual honesty, it would implode harder than a black hole and cease to exist.

    C. Lashown in reply to Colonel Travis. | June 18, 2017 at 3:26 pm

    All some people see are the Sunday News shows, or the MSM Evening News. Perfect tools for whatever tripe the globalists and liberal progressives wish to sell. Likewise, those who like to consider themselves members of the intellectual elite gained their ‘insight’ from attending the Vanity Fair of scholastic ideas found in the ultra liberal school systems.

    Gremlin1974 in reply to Colonel Travis. | June 18, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    It has always fascinates me the logical disconnect that accusations of the uncontrolled violent right. They like to point out our love of gun and god, but they never carry the thought through to its logical conclusion.

    If we on the right were as violent and mean and fascism as the left claims, there wouldn’t be enough leftist around to make that claim.

What utter garbage. From allegedly intelligent people. Who’s idea of a winning strategy is to continually espouse their contempt for any who disagree with them. The very strategy which gave us Trump.

We’ve all read the playbook, and she’s part of the team sticking to it. Create outrageous incidents daily, focus your considerable media power on crises based largely on falsehoods, and lie, lie, lie. Even an unfamous hack like Abramson can get away with lying all day long on TV, her team has a dozen outlets!

Even if they plant some seeds of doubt in 3 people a day, the 24 hour, 50 state, coordinated anti-Trump, anti-Republican propaganda machine will consider it a success.

It’s taken them 40 years to get control of the schools, 25 years to plant enough illegals (to influence the census) so California can have 55 electoral votes; this is a steady grind towards ending the Republic as we know it. It’s time to make sure everyone knows exactly how bad this is for our children and grandchildren, we can’t just sit home and watch.

Wow, that is one angry shrew.

The left does not reach a conclusion based on logic, reason, evidence, or facts. The left simply makes assertions based on a narrative. They are filled with varying levels of hatred, intolerance, and violence for anyone who does not accept the narrative. Do not ever expect anything better than delusions from these people.

    paradigmshiftvch in reply to TX-rifraph. | June 18, 2017 at 3:55 pm

    Dear TX-rifraph I am responding to your message below posted on | June 18, 2017 at 1:42 pm
    The left does not reach a conclusion based on logic, reason, evidence, or facts. The left simply makes assertions based on a narrative. They are filled with varying levels of hatred, intolerance, and violence for anyone who does not accept the narrative. Do not ever expect anything better than delusions from these people.

    I am a very moderate, disillusioned republican who voted for Trump because my mother and father raised me to vote the way they vote. Thanks to this president, I now regret this. From now on I will vote the way I think I should vote. I am responding to your statement that the left does not employ logic, reason, evidence, or facts. Would you mind citing a few examples to illustrate how your way of thinking & approaching current issues do reflect the application of logic, reason, evidence, facts? You then state that the left is filled with “varying levels of hatred, intolerance, and violence.” Once again, at the risk of seeming confrontational, I do not understand and would be grateful for an example or two. I don’t understand how any American can stomach a president bragging about not losing any voters even if he shot someone on 5th Avenue. I cannot understand defending a man who has an alt right white supremacist in his inner circle…then there is Trump’s advisor Steve Miller speaking like Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s Nazi propaganda minister. You do not want anyone telling you which doctor you should be able to see and yet you are defending a white house where this young man Miller – a veritable child – militantly delivers declarative statements that “the powers of the president will not be questioned.” You can say that you are comfortable with a president who insists on pledges of loyalty and who surrounds himself with people like Miller & Conway (haven’t heard from her lately), who work non-stop to turn this “loyalty to Trump” thing into a brand – a culture – where those who beg to differ might be examples of, shunned, publically castigated? You can honestly say that you love our democracy but would be okay with this? In your view liberals are angry but not justifiably so. In a democracy Americans are, by definition, are supposed to be actively listening and questioning every white house. I wish I could watch Fox but I cannot stomach its assault on facts as evidenced by its constant sifting of News, sifting for fool’s gold…and the lady always in a dress sitting in the middle of the two guys, speaking when they yield some time to her…that has gotten hackneyed. I have decided to reclaim my consciousness and now actively listen to and subscribe to MSNBC, CNN, NPR, BBC NYT, and WAPO. Fox is a good place to start and stop if you are unaware of or comfortable with the idea of living like China did under Mao, or Italy under Mussolini, North Korea under Kim Jong Un or, last but certainly not least, Russia under Putin. Living in a country where you can’t say anything bad about the leader without fearing for your life is not my idea of a democracy. The day I began making my departure from the Republican Party was the same day I had to face the fact that my father, who lived as a U.S patriot through all of our country’s sagas with Russia since the 1930’s, chose party over country when he decided to support this president. To turn a blind eye and a deaf ear on Russia in the wake of its most recent and horrific assault on our democratic voting processes is unpatriotic. If you don’t find it even a little bit odd that this president continues to accept, ignore, mollify, (choose your adjective) the facts and evidence of 17 national security agencies with respect to Russia’s assault on our voting process is neither “logical” or “reasonable.” I therefore respectfully conclude by stating that do not know what you are talking about.

great unknown | June 18, 2017 at 1:42 pm

And the Jews were responsible for the Holocaust. From the depths of the Soros-Ayers think tank.

from all the news unfit to print to the Crimes News Network….

… they are really benefiting from a kind of rage machine that operates in this country.

Look at the photos; gaze on the face of madness.

Abramson is deranged. Flip-city. Her brain simply doesn’t connect with the space/time continuum at any point.

Recall that she recently insisted in the Guardian US that Hillary was “fundamentally honest and trustworthy.”

Madness incarnate.

    paradigmshiftvch in reply to tom swift. | June 18, 2017 at 2:36 pm

    Is Trump fundamentally honest and trustworthy?

      Milhouse in reply to paradigmshiftvch. | June 18, 2017 at 2:47 pm

      No, he is not. That doesn’t change what Clinton is, even one bit.

        paradigmshiftvch in reply to Milhouse. | June 18, 2017 at 5:57 pm

        I agree. Trump and Billy are two peas in the narcissist pod. But I was so completely lambasted by Trump even though I voted for him. I regret it so terribly. He lacks any experience yet he is so smug. It’s like he’s saying that if he doesn’t know it, it isn’t worth knowing. His arrogance is a bi-product of his emotional and intellectual immaturity.

        I would say it’s worth a spin to really ask yourself as objectively as possible why this guy wanted to be president? Do not be naive. can’t be because he cares so much it hurts because he is a phony who couldn’t care less. It can’t be the house he gets to live in for 4 years because the White House is like a townhouse to him. It can’t be the salary – even though we aren’t really sure if he is actually donating it instead of keeping it. It could be the power because he is an ego maniac. He loves money, gold stuff, making money, more gold stuff, not paying people who do jobs, not paying taxes, buying portraits of himself with charity foundation funds, suing folks who challenge his ego, etc. He’s an Ayn Rand-er…thinks he’s Roarke the builder. Rand is fine in fiction, but an abomination in practice. No humanity or compassion makes for a very bad day at the office of a democracy. I am now putting my country – democracy – before party.


        On what basis do you make the statement that Donald Trump is not “fundamentally honest and trustworthy?”

        I mean, talk about lame attacks. The guy is relatively spotless – he has been for his entire professional life. His word has been his bond for decades; no debt of his has gone unpaid.

        Idiocy like this cannot go unchallenged.

      tom swift in reply to paradigmshiftvch. | June 18, 2017 at 3:18 pm

      Is Trump fundamentally honest and trustworthy?

      Don’t be childish. No President has ever been particularly honest or trustworthy. Some have been much better than others, but we watch all of them for missteps and malfeasance. That’s one of the obligations of citizenship.

      And that’s where the Press has been letting us all down; for some, it plays deaf, dumb and blind, when accurate or honest reporting might make him “look bad”; others, it fabricates crimes where none exist. Neither tells us anything real or useful—an abrogation by the Press of its primary function.

      None of which has anything to do with Abramson’s evaluation of Hillary, which is pure Bizarro-world material.

        Gremlin1974 in reply to tom swift. | June 18, 2017 at 5:32 pm

        Tom I would go so far as to say almost no politician is honest and trustworthy especially in today’s political climate. I have seen and even known a couple of people who went to DC and there is something in that city that either runs them out within a year or two or changes them forever.

          tom swift in reply to Gremlin1974. | June 18, 2017 at 5:39 pm

          If they start out honest & trustworthy, they’ll probably learn better about ten minutes into their first campaign.

          Darwin’s law of political selection pretty much guarantees that otherwise they’ll never get into office.

          My evaluation of Washington DC government employees is based on a respectably large sample of a single building during a two-week period a few years ago, but I think it’s a fair opinion.

          A third of the people there are sane.
          A third of the people there are crazy, to one degree or another.
          A third of the people *look* sane, until you talk to them. Those are the ones where you want to back slowly out of the office while trying not to break eye contact.

I think a useful; model for the Democrat-Media complex is the movie “the Matrix”. Human being are placed in a virtual reality while they are used as batteries for the machine that runs he planet. They are kept comfortable in the Matrix but the Matrix has to be maintained by illusion. They really can’t afford to let the “batteries” of the Democrat Machine understand who the real users and evil ones are and thus it becomes a constant task of the machine to maintain the illusion.

The silence of the Republican “leadership” lambs pushes me to rage.

    Gremlin1974 in reply to Rick. | June 18, 2017 at 5:15 pm

    It has become clear to me over the past decade that while out here in the real world we have republicans and democrats, right and left, whatever division you want to use, however in the DC bubble there are just politicians jockeying for position that care little for the peasants outside of their bubble.

    I remember when they actually debated and fought over legislation and what was good for the people, now the main difference in legislation is who is enriched by it and the fights are the petty squabbles of post-midlife adolescents.

    “Republican leadership” is as great an oxymoron as “CNN news.”

She’s right that “both sides are not equally at fault, and that there’s been a bit of a false equivalency at work, especially in the discussion over the past couple of days”. That is completely correct. The two sides are very much not equally at fault; while there has been some violence and violent talk on the Republican side, it is dwarfed by the torrent of violence and violent talk on the side of Democrats and those farther to the left. Which should not surprise anyone, since violence is a new thing on the right, introduced by Trump and his supporters, while on the left it’s a long tradition in which they are steeped and well-practiced. The discussion over the past couple of days has tended to pretend that the right, too, has a violent aspect at its center, recycling the old blood libels about Palin and the TEA Party movement as if they were true.

    Paul in reply to Milhouse. | June 18, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Do people actually read the entire post around here before they vote up/down? Sometimes I wonder.

      Gremlin1974 in reply to Paul. | June 18, 2017 at 4:42 pm

      Honestly most of the down votes are either random bots or trolls. We tend to apologize when we accidently hit the down arrow (happens a lot on mobile due to proximity to the reply button).

      Plus the Professor and the editors have said in the past that since the up and down votes are unreliable they pay little attention to them.

      Basically, if you get a downvote or 5 don’t pay attention. People who disagree with you here are not shy about posting comments about their disagreement.

      Hope this helps and have a great day.

      tom swift in reply to Paul. | June 18, 2017 at 5:24 pm

      I imagine that sometimes they just read the name of the poster and don’t bother to read the post at all.

    Colonel Travis in reply to Milhouse. | June 18, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    “since violence is a new thing on the right, introduced by Trump and his supporters”

    What on earth is this nonsense? I went to a Trump rally during the 2016 just to see what the heck was going on first-hand and there was no Trump-introduced violence, nor violence by anyone there. Going as a non-Trump-supporter, there was nothing he said that made me question his sanity or his judgement about what is appropriate and inappropriate behavior within politics. The only threatening people were the leftist jerks outside the building. This was replicated across America the entire campaign.

    This fake moral equivalency is garbage and you need to be called on it.

      Gremlin1974 in reply to Colonel Travis. | June 18, 2017 at 4:59 pm

      Common talking point and fantasy of the left is the ‘(insert adjective here) Right Wing Violence”, however no one can ever really seem to pin the left down on the who, what when, and where of that violence.

      While the left likes to point out crazies and attach them to the right, it generally comes to be that the crazy shooter was more left than right to begin with, we have seen this with the last several mass shooters.

      Also, it is and has been for the past 50 or more years the left that employs violence as a tactic, however I will say that they have become much more bold in the past decade, of course it is easy to be bold when you are generally never made to face real consequences and you know that police have been told to stand down.

      tom swift in reply to Colonel Travis. | June 18, 2017 at 5:28 pm

      Yes, as has been pointed out before, much of the criticism of Trump is for saying things he never actually said and for doing things he never actually did.

      I usually figure that if a critic must fabricate evil tales about a person or thing in order to have something to criticize, then maybe the person or thing isn’t so evil after all.

        Barry in reply to tom swift. | June 18, 2017 at 11:53 pm

        “…much of the criticism of Trump is for saying things he never actually said and for doing things he never actually did.”

        And much of that comes from people that claim conservative superiority. They are as bad, worse, than the progs themselves.

    ” while there has been some violence and violent talk on the Republican side, it is dwarfed by the torrent of violence and violent talk on the side of Democrats and those farther to the left….”


    Cite a Republican elected official who has made “violent talk.” You sound like Fauxcahontas Warren: republicans make heap-big violent talk.

    WTF are you smoking?

Trump is honest and trustworthy…

I do not agree he introduced violence, nor are his supporters violent. He had a few catchy sayings like.”throw them out,”,he was talking to his security about vocal protesters, and “lock her up”, which unfortunately he decided to be magnanimous and in return has a special Council witch hunt after him.

To say Trump was violent or his supporters is dishonest.

    paradigmshiftvch in reply to gonzotx. | June 18, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    and I have some mountain property I would like to sell you…in Key West. Your denial…SAD! Tremendously SAD!

      Gremlin1974 in reply to paradigmshiftvch. | June 18, 2017 at 5:03 pm

      Then please prove your assertions with examples of when “Trump Supporters” as a group have been violent. While I agree there are random incidents of people becoming violent on the right they pale in comparison to the violence of the left, from occupy camp rapes to actual burning, looting, and pillaging of cities, or mass shootings perpetrated by the left and its supporters.

        paradigmshiftvch in reply to Gremlin1974. | June 18, 2017 at 5:36 pm

        When was the last pillage? If you mean the Berkeley rebellion against Coulter and the Alt Right guy, well I have to agree that is very wrong. Suppression of people legally exercising their 1st amendment right is not okay. I honestly do not know what mass violence you are referencing. If they are documented and not fake news I 100% agree with you this is wrong. There is not a place for any violence as a means of getting your point across in this country. We have come too far and it is ugly to respond that way. We are better than this as a country.

          alaskabob in reply to paradigmshiftvch. | June 18, 2017 at 6:08 pm

          “Mass” violence…. rather scaled up isn’t it…. at every major rally the paid Left thugs “bird dogged” people at Trump meetings… forget Berkley…. look at SoCal rallies… other places… people assaulted — cars vandalized… intimidation. Tens or hundreds aren’t “mass” but they carry out their paid orders to harass the opposition. These “protests” are a mix of fellow travelers and the useful idiots. Any honest Leftist going to a “protest” should know they are aiding unlawful actions…. the one allows the other. Can you point to one instance where the Left policed its protest and pushed back on the thugs?

          “The last pillage?”

          Was Bartholomew, Judas, James the Greater and Peter all at that one, too?

      DUMB! You are tremendously DUMB!

Hardcore libs like Abramson and the ones running the DNC like Pelosi will NEVER admit that their side is responsible for anything bad that happens. And as long as nobody on the Republican side loudly and repeatedly calls them on this nothing will change.

Call the Republican leadership daily, let them
Know how you feel about not only lack of support for our President, but outright collusion with the Dems to bring him down.

I have…

    paradigmshiftvch in reply to gonzotx. | June 18, 2017 at 4:12 pm

    respectfully…really??? I am wondering how long you have lived and how much history you have read? Do you understand what democracy means at its most basic level? You are telling people to “tattle” on other citizens because they disagree with the president? Oh my goodness. That is beyond sad. I am very, very sorry for you.

Projection: Those squirrelly kids from the AV Club never really grew up but they sure did hone their projection skills to a fine edge.

Lets review shall we?
Middle aged
Bags under her eyes
Poor make up presentation
Frumpy clothing
Nondescript hair style

good grief.

We have a new paid commie prog prevaricator, paradigmshiftvch.

Mock it and call it names, laugh at it if you will, but you’ll waste your time engaging it with substance.