Lipslut, a soon to be launched lipstick brand offers an entire line one whole color of “mid-tone nude pink” lip gloss for the woman looking to change the world.

Called “F*ck Trump” (OMG SO EDGY), Lipslut was designed by a college student to “fight the patriarchy” and “empower women everywhere”. This is the only credit I’ll give them — 50% of the purchase price goes to charity. Which charity, you ask? Whichever charity the Lipslut democracy votes for!

The makers of the neutral hue hope to appeal to liberals and conservatives alike (good luck with that, kiddos).

Even the name Lipslut itself — yes, I’m aware neo-feminists have deluded themselves into the belief that sexual liberation and “slutty” behavior is empowerment that damns the man, but the reality is that it’s more frequently linked to daddy issues, deep-rooted insecurity, and lack of healthy relationship attachments. And let’s be real here, what woman really wants slutty lips?

What is Lipslut about, anyway?

Welcome to Lipslut.

Birthed in the aftermath of the 2016 presidential election, Lipslut was founded in Los Angeles by a group of jaded romantics. We’re a middle finger to the current socio-political landscape and practices found in the cosmetics industry. We pride ourselves on taking action and putting our money where our mouth is. While trends may come and go, we believe questioning the world around us and working towards improving society will always be “in vogue.”

Expect us to provide the best possible products, and to work hard towards solving the issues you care about. Join Lipslut on our path to changing the world one face at a time.


The Lipslut Team

Why Lipslut?

Let’s just say we aren’t too pleased with our current socio-political landscape, and the standards of the cosmetics industry in general. Chances are you aren’t either. Rather than complaining, we’re putting our money where our mouth is.

Use “socio” as a prefix and your cause du jour is automatically totes serious.

Just see for yourself:

But seriously:

Every single thing about this is just sad. And ignorant. Including the claim that, “Lipslut is fashion, subversion, and a middle finger to the current sociopolitical landscape.”

It must be said: WEARING LIPSTICK IS NOT SUBVERSIVE. Subversive against what, exactly? The people with life experience, jobs, and common sense who voted to keep the country from being flushed down the crapper? Lipstick may not have always been fashionable, but it has never been illegal in western cultures. And while I’m at it: YOU WILL NOT CHANGE THE WORLD BY WEARING LIPSTICK.

But, this whole campaign does prove at least one, if not several or even all of the following:

  1. Words no longer have meaning: See Lipslut’s use of “patriarchy”, “socio-political”, and “subversive”
  2. SJW wannabes don’t even know how to SJW anymore: This is not necessarily a bad thing
  3. Slap “empowerment” and “patriarchy” on anything and you’ve got a crowd
  4. Everything is truly ridiculous

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