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College Student to Plead Guilty to Voter Registration Fraud

College Student to Plead Guilty to Voter Registration Fraud

“working for a Democratic-affiliated organization”

This can’t be true. We’re constantly assured by Democrats and media that voter fraud never happens.

Red Alert Politics reports:

Student to plead guilty to voter registration fraud in a swing state

The broken voter registration system is receiving new attention after a James Madison University student has agreed to plead guilty to submitting 18 fraudulent voter registration forms. While working for a Democratic-affiliated organization called Harrisonburg Votes, student Andrew J. Spieles claims he created false registrations to help a co-worker meet a quota.

Spieles faces a potential fine of up to $100,000 and up to a year in prison.

Spieles told investigators he “fabricated” registration forms by using data from the Democratic Party of Virginia’s voter files, along with names and addresses from neighborhood “walk sheets” and fake birthdays and Social Security numbers.

Unfortunately for Spieles, he chose the wrong names to use for these falsified documents. A Harrisonburg elections employee noticed that one form was filed on behalf of a county judge’s deceased father, while another employee knew the ex-wife of someone on a different registration form that Spieles had forged. After these were flagged, an investigation uncovered 16 more fraudulent forms.

While authorities say that there is no indication that any fraudulent votes were cast as a result, the case raises questions about the voter registration process. Harrisburg Registrar Debbie Logan noted that applications using a deceased person’s real name and address, but a phony social security number would not be flagged in the voter system.


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hey, according to “Clinton-Lynch-Comey”… this is just a “matter”…
too bad its a matter of justice..

There is one constant theme in these voter fraud matteres.

It is always the Democrats who “didn’t do it”.

It’s long past time to charge people who do this to the full extent of the law! If they think they won’t pay much of a penalty, there’s no deterrent.