Can this be interpreted as anything other than fomenting resentment and jealousy? What does it have to do with academics?

The College Fix reports:

College prep seminar asks high schoolers to identify their privileges

A recent college preparatory event had Michigan high schoolers count up how many privileges they experience, and at the end of the exercise white students were singled out as having the most, according to a student who attended the event.

Hosted at Lake Michigan College, seniors from Saugatuck High and Fennville High schools attended the all-day event in April. It was comprised of several 45-minute segments, one of which was dedicated to topics such as diversity, privilege and tolerance.

During this section, students played a game in which they read from multiple strips of paper which described various so-called privileges. Students who identified with a described privilege kept the strip of paper, tallying how many they ended up with once the game was over.

“I can be pretty sure that my neighbors will be neural or pleasant to me wherever I choose to live,” one strip read.

Other paper strips described privileges such as turning to the front page of the newspaper and seeing people of your same race. Another addressed body shape and odor.

A Saugatuck High School student who attended the event said one of the strips of paper said something along the lines of: “I do not have to worry while going through security.”