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Civil War: Progressive media starting to push back against Democrat fixation on Russia

Civil War: Progressive media starting to push back against Democrat fixation on Russia

As Comey prepares to testify, Democrats ignore progressives’ questions about Russia

Progressive media outlets have been feeding the “resist we much” mobs since President Trump’s election, and one of their favorite lines of attack has been hammering the Russia “collusion” / “hacking” non-story.  Recently, however, progressive sites have been warning against pursuing it . . . even as Democrat politicians stay focused on it, seemingly to the exclusion of all else.  As Comey gets ready to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee, it will be interesting to see how this all plays out.

Among those calling for Democrats to pivot away from “the Russia story” are the editor and publisher of The Nation, the Daily Kos, the Young Turks.  What is not entirely clear is why they are urging this shift after spending so much devoted, almost single-mindedly, to it.

The Nation‘s editor and publisher Katrina Vanden Huevel states that she thinks the focus on Russia may distract from their ability to combat the rest of Trump’s agenda.  She notes, too, that the left has become too hyperbolic about Trump administration or campaign officials meeting with Russians.

Townhall reports:

The Nation’s editor and publisher Katrina Vanden Huevel warned that Democrats’ obsession about Russia was a mistake and could torpedo efforts to effectively combat the Trump agenda. Granted, the latter part is typical run-of-the-mill progressive talk, The Nation is a left wing magazine, but in March, Vanden Huevel ripped into Democrats for the Neo-McCarthyite furor that has engulfed the party over Russia.

She noted that Russian interference during the 2016 election needs to be investigated, but the political Left has devolved into thinking that mere meetings with Russian officials are akin to treason.

Not only is this nonsensical, but it is self-defeating.  Not noted by Hueval is that their hand-wringing and clothes-rending over things like Flynn sitting next to Putin at a formal event—a table at which 2016 Green Party candidate Jill Stein was also sitting—doesn’t just distract from the “resistance’s” anti-Trump agenda, but it also makes them less credible.

The Daily Kos sounded the alarm last month, stating that the focus on Russia was going to hurt Democrat prospects in 2018.

Russia is a critical story. But it’s not the story that affects America’s dinner table, health, or financial well-being. Many of us in the liberal intelligentsia love the intricacies of this story. After all, who would believe that the Republican leadership would be so soft on their patriotism that they’re willing to put their heads in the sand and play dumb?

. . . . The Trump voter knew that Trump had some relationship with the Russians. In fact, Fox News and Republicans were praising Vladimir Putin as a better leader than President Obama. The Trump voter saw a candidate who refused to criticize Putin, regardless  of whatever vile act he committed.

. . . . In watching the hyperventilation on Russia, it is clear that progressives are repeating the same mistakes of the last several elections that have decimated the Democratic bench throughout the states and in the federal government. The people’s party, the Democrats, are out of step with the people.

They’re not wrong.

The Washington Post notes that reporters such as Max Blumenthal and the Young Turks’ Michael Tracey are putting pressure on Democrat politicians regarding their fixation on the Russia story.

Blumenthal directly asks Jamie Raskin (D-MD) if he’s been feeding lies to progressive journalists and bloggers.

Rep. Jamie B. Raskin (D-Md.) strolled offstage and straight into quicksand. Max Blumenthal, a dogged reporter working with the Baltimore-based Real News Network, brought Raskin on camera to ask what, exactly, Democrats wanted to know.

“We need an independent commission to get all the facts,” Raskin said, offering the litany of possible Trump-Russia ties that he’d given to progressive and mainstream media for months.

Blumenthal wasn’t sold. “You said that Russia attempted to hack [Emmanuel] Macron in the French elections,” he said.

“Well, we know that!” said Raskin.

“The Washington Post has reported that the French cyber-intelligence agency has said that it’s not true,” said Blumenthal.

“Well, certainly, Macron was convinced of it,” said Raskin.

“It was reported days ago,” said Blumenthal.

For four minutes, until the congressman was pulled away by a staffer, an award-winning journalist with bylines at the Nation and Salon asked whether he’d been telling bellicose lies about Russia and the Trump team. “Why aren’t we talking about jobs or racism?” Blumenthal asked.

. . . .  Michael Tracey, a reporter for the Young Turks news network who had Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.) push past him after he asked skeptical Russia questions, asked why Democrats were so satisfied to keep searching for a smoking gun that never appears.

“This whole issue has been characterized from this lurching, ramping up of expectations that the smoking gun will be discovered imminently,” said Tracey. “That’s how this story has played out. It’s sort of monomaniacal.”

Tracey’s question regarding the reason Democrat politicians are so intent to keep the Russia story alive may have been answered by Red State.

Right now the Democrats are raising money off this meme. They will continue to raise money off it as the investigation pays out. In the end, when nothing is uncovered, they will raise money off the GOP tools, like Comey, who led the investigation. They will gamble that outrage will generate income and tribalism will prevent any price being extracted at the polls.


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“The Nation’s…Katrina Vanden Huevel warned that Democrats’ obsession about Russia was a mistake and could torpedo efforts to effectively combat the Trump agenda”

The Election Deniers ARE using the Russian thing to torpedo the Trump agenda – and his entire presidency.

Just the corrupt media, leading their corrupt elected sheep – both democrats and establishment republicans.

If this is the torpedo Dems are using against the Trump agenda, it’s about as effective as the Mark 14

The Russian hacking/collusion story started well before the election back when everyone knew Clinton was going to win in a landslide. So it is obvious that the Russian story was not intended to explain why Clinton lost. The Russian story was started to provide cover for the Obama administration’s spying on a political opponent. There is evidence and admissions that the spying occurred. One only needs to look at the IRS/Lois Lerner scandal to know Obama administration was willing and able to use the government to attack political opponents. The Russia story is simply a convenient pretext for undertaking a scandal far larger than Watergate.

notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital | June 7, 2017 at 1:37 pm

To The Nation, Daily Kos, and the Young Turks, I have one thing to say:

“The Russians are coming, the Russians are coming!
Get back in your ‘fraidy holes!”

The bottom line is MONEY. The Dems and MSM are sucking money, money, money out of their stupid followers. Case closed!

What’s most disturbing is how easy it was for these myrmidons in congress to be hypnotized by previous Pres. Lie All the Time and chase after his shiny object of ‘collusion.’ The millions of dollars and weeks of time wasted on hearings, special council, subpoenas, reports, recriminations and reprisals is mind numbing. And STILL no crime or evidence of one by Trump & Co. Look. Squirrel!

Meanwhile, previous Pres. Lie All the Time and his illegal surveillence and illegal unmasking of names in blatant abuse of 4th amendment protections is all but ignored.

When the D base learns there never was any “there” there…they will go even more insane, if that’s possible. They must at all cost avoid doing the uncomfortable post election autopsy of themselves and their candidate. This requires introspection and if you are a SJW or “street fightin’ man” (sorry Mick), well then that ain’t what gets you out of bed in the mornings. The base may just turn on their own lot if only to stay in practice.

[Democrats] will gamble that outrage will generate income and tribalism will prevent any price being extracted at the polls.

And historically, they’re not wrong. Democrat voters tend to believe Republicans are the ultimate evil and would vote for Satan himself — as long as he had a ‘D’ after his name.

The Kos Kiddies bragged during the 2004 election cycle, they and their cohorts would own the DemocRAT party, starting in 2006. Well they got their wish and they are the ones controlling the media agenda and the DemocRAT party, which is all the some now. The Dems won’t toe the line are going to be primaried and will be replaced by ones that will. This is why the Dem congresscritters are still pushing the Russia colluded meme.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Stan25. | June 7, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    …and that is why the Demcrat Party is soon to be as extinct as the Cooperheads, the Dodo bird, and dinosaurs.

    rabidfox in reply to Stan25. | June 7, 2017 at 8:44 pm

    Kos and his Kids might think they own the democrat party but in truth it is SOROS who own them with Zuck and Steyer fighting for pole position.

A bunch of 27 year olds that are not bright enough to understand math are attempting a soft coup.

The D’rats are obsessed with finding something which amounts to an impeachable offense. Not all of them are as vacuous as Maxine Waters and her senile droning; they realize that wishful thinking won’t do the job, and that there has to be a real crime involved. And it has to lead to an accusation which will make Trump’s loyal support evaporate.

The magic bullet they’re looking for could be treason. That would meet the requirements. Collusion with a foreign power to pervert an American election might be just the ticket.

To bad they can’t find any evidence. I almost feel sorry for them hahaha, just kidding.

inspectorudy | June 7, 2017 at 4:26 pm

I personally think the REAL reason for these very liberal outlets mentioned above are pushing the Dims away from the Russian lie is that the deeper the investigation goes the worse the obama admin and the intel agencies look. There are now new questions about the misuse of the “Unmasking” tool and who had access to that data. It has just come out about how Holder and the DoJ withheld most of the pertinent data on fast & furious from the Senate committee. The more ANYONE looks into anything from the last eight years the worse it looks both legally and ethically. This is only the Congress asking questions, Wait until Judical Watch gets into the act!

“liberal intelligentsia”

Mr. Oxymoron, please pick up the white courtesy phone

Wait, wait!

Let them sally forth…

Anybody with only one functioning brain cell left would eventually realize that repeatedly shouting out Russia Russia Russia ad nauseum followed by impeach Trump is without more a non sequitur which that lone remaining brain cell cannot process into logical thought. Representative Barbara Lee, whose district includes Berkely and Oakland, I believe said at a recent Democrat convention in Sacramento that Putin predicted Trump would win the election. Apparently to her she believed that was conclusive proof that Russia tampered with the election to elect Trump.

[ps. Last year I predicted the Chicago Cubs would win the World Series after a 108 year drought. My prediction came true and I didn’t even have to interfere by getting players on the Giants, Dodgers and Indians to go all Shoeless Joe Jackson to fix the outcome.]