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Yale Students Arrested for Blocking Traffic to Protest Sexual Harassment

Yale Students Arrested for Blocking Traffic to Protest Sexual Harassment

“No safety, no peace”

In the last few years, blocking traffic has become a favorite tactic of the left. It’s not only stupid, it’s incredibly dangerous. You would think Yale students would know better.

The New Haven Register reported:

23 union protesters arrested in New Haven after shutting down intersections

Twenty-three people were arrested Thursday as demonstrations across downtown organized by Yale University’s graduate student union Local 33 called for an end to alleged sexual harassment at the university.

The protests prompted road closures along major intersections.

The demonstrations, which were a response to the lack of union negotiations between the university and the graduate students, had 23 graduate teachers simultaneously blocking three central intersections on Yale’s campus, according to a release from Local 33.

Protesters sat in a circle, arms locked, in the middle of the road and chanted, “No safety, no peace,” while wearing signs that said “End sexual harassment at Yale” and “How much longer?” and refusing to move until forced to by police.


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