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Wisconsin Republicans Introduce Bill: Campus Free Speech Act

Wisconsin Republicans Introduce Bill: Campus Free Speech Act

What a great idea.

In light of what’s been happening on college campuses lately, this seems a bit overdue.

The College Fix reported:

Wisconsin Republicans introduce ‘Campus Free Speech Act’ bill

Given the efforts of far-left protesters to shout down and/or outright prevent the appearance of conservative speakers when they (attempt to) show up on campus, two Wisconsin Republican lawmakers introduced a bill Wednesday designed to “facilitate free speech.”

Representative Jesse Kremer’s and Speaker Robin Vos’s “Campus Free Speech Act” references the “University of Chicago’s 2015 ‘Committee on Freedom of Expression’ and Yale’s 1974 ‘Committee on Free Expression’ findings” according to a written statement by the former.

Kremer’s statement also notes:

In recent decades, attacks on free expression have become commonplace and in-vogue at institutions where ideals and truths should be challenged – the American university. This most recent degradation has been at the behest of the leftist elite who promote their own progressive, opinionated beliefs as gospel while touting a bumper sticker slogan of ‘coexist’. Ironically, free expression that has been removed from the college public square in an attempt to shield young, apparently fragile, yet critically thinking adults as offensive, has by its very nature become offensive. Attempts to stifle certain types of expression through designated ‘Free Speech Zones’ or ‘Bias Response Protocols’ insult the very intelligence of all college students and demean the academic community as a whole.


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