This is one way to get into a bar as a college student. Just cry racism.

The College Fix reports:

UC-Santa Barbara students allege bar questioning their IDs is racist

Some students at the University of California Santa Barbara believe a local bar acted with racial animus after it challenged their forms of identification.

Oscar Zarate and Stephanie Periban allege Giovanni’s Pizza was “insulting” for its employees’ ambivalence over the IDs, and the UCSB Campus Democrats claim the bar “enforced racist and deeply problematic ID policies.”

The Democrats group also is encouraging a boycott of the establishment, The Tab reports.

“Our organization will be taking our business to another local pizzeria unless and until Giovanni’s offers a formal apology to the affected students, and changes their racist and arbitrary ID policies. We hope that Giovanni’s Pizza understands the gravity of the actions of their employees, and responds promptly and appropriately,” the group said in a statement.

According to The Bottom Line, Zarate’s Mexican government-issued ID was questioned, with the bartender asking for “extra documentation.” Periban’s EAD card, which is issued to DACA — Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals — students, was refused. They claim every other bar they’d been to that night had accepted these IDs.