The largest portion of this money goes to scholarships so that’s a good thing. Still, the amount is another example of how diversity obsessed higher education has become.

The College Fix reports:

University of Illinois spends $60 million a year on diversity efforts

The University of Illinois spends more than $60 million on diversity efforts every year, according to a recent independent report commissioned by the university that also noted the public institution has redundant and overlapping diversity expenses that could and should be streamlined.

But the prioritization of those funds, and the accountability and assessment of campus diversity efforts, is “unclear,” according to the report.

The office of UI chancellor Robert Jones commissioned a report from an outside agency to assess the state of UI’s diversity efforts on campus, the Champaign News-Gazette recently reported.

The report found that UI’s diversity apparatus is “sometimes redundant” and that a “campuswide diversity council” should be commissioned to consolidate the campus committees that have “similar, if not overlapping, roles” and work with “little collaboration.”

The report claims that “more than $60 million is invested in diversity and inclusion” at UI, with “over 80 percent” being earmarked for scholarships.