The official in question obviously didn’t want to include a speaker who might make Islam look bad.

Arkansas Online reports:

Mideast studies chief at UA suspended after canceling presentation from speaker known for criticizing Islam

The director of a Middle East studies center at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville was suspended Wednesday from his administrative duties after canceling a Skype presentation from a speaker known for remarks critical of Islam.

Tom Paradise, a geosciences professor who joined the university faculty in 2000, dropped scholar Phyllis Chesler from an academic symposium on honor-based violence in Western countries held April 13-14 at UA, university spokesman Mark Rushing said.

“The decision to disinvite a participant for his or her views is not reflective of the values and practices of our institution,” Rushing said in a statement Wednesday. “The decision, made without informing leadership, has resulted in the director’s responsibilities for administrative and operational control being suspended pending an internal review focused on the circumstances that led to this decision.”

Rushing said in a phone interview that Paradise is not suspended as a faculty member. His faculty salary of $114,512 is unaffected, but his compensation as director of the King Fahd Center for Middle East Studies — which over the course of a year would be an additional $28,628 — is being withheld pending a review done by the dean’s office of UA’s J. William Fulbright College of Arts and Sciences, Rushing said. Todd Shields is dean of the college.

Chesler, a professor emeritus of psychology with City University of New York, has written about honor killings and violence for outlets including the New York Post and Breitbart.