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The “Resistance” Moves Towards Violence and Intimidation as Key Tactic

The “Resistance” Moves Towards Violence and Intimidation as Key Tactic

The Tea Party was demonized for far less.

Early in Obama’s first term, completely peaceful Tea Party protests happened around the country. The liberal media routinely denounced the Tea Party as dangerous and hostile.

Since the night of Trump’s election, the left has been engaging in protests which often look more like riots. Windows have been smashed, people have been punched and the media sits by ignoring the whole thing.

In 2010, Tea Party protesters showed up at town hall meetings to protest the passage of Obamacare. Again, the media called them racist and dangerous. Now leftists are showing up at town halls, but the media coverage is vastly different.

Consider how a potentially dangerous situation in North Dakota was described by the Washington Post:

‘I was out of my mind with anger,’ man says after berating congressman at raucous town hall

For the record, Mike Quinn would like to apologize for “putting hands” on a U.S. congressman.

“I was out of my mind with anger for a few moments there,” the retired 68-year-old from Hazen, N.D.., told The Washington Post.

Quinn tried to stuff a wad of cash into the blue blazer of Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-N.D.) on Thursday afternoon in what quickly became the most climactic moment of a fiery town hall meeting at the Mandan Eagles Club in Mandan, N.D.

The genesis of the cash-stuffing — as well as the mind-altering anger — was an ongoing debate over the Affordable Care Act, a dispute that continues to turn formerly boring town halls into raucous clashes between power brokers and ordinary people terrified of losing their health care…

At some point, in the swirl of angry exchanges between constituent and representative, Quinn approached Cramer and attempted to aggressively shove money into his jacket before turning and walking away. It was theatrical and mildly frightening, but Cramer maintained his composure throughout.

“Theatrical.” That’s rich.

Here’s a video:

Rep. Cramer released this statement:

Peter Hasson of the Daily Caller points to another recent incident in which a woman tried to run a Republican Representative off the road with her car:

Violence And Intimidation Against Republicans Are Becoming The New Normal

Violence and intimidation against Republicans are quickly becoming the new normal in an increasingly tense political climate.

In one of the most recent incidents, police in Tennessee charged a woman with felony reckless endangerment on Thursday for allegedly trying to run Republican Congressman David Kustoff off the road after a town hall. The woman, Wendi Wright, was reportedly enraged over Kustoff’s support for the American Health Care Act and screamed at the congressman and his aide, striking his car windows and reaching inside the vehicle.

Elizabeth Harrington of the Washington Free Beacon notes that mobs of leftists have shown up at the home of Trump’s FCC chairman:

Alt-Left Targets Ajit Pai

Members of the alt-left with a history of participating in violent protests are targeting the neighborhood of the Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai.

The organizers, connected to DisruptJ20 and Code Pink, said they are “taking the fight to Pai’s front door,” leaving leaflets on the doors in Pai’s neighborhood last weekend to protest changes to the Obama administration net neutrality policy.

On Sunday, the activists will again target Pai’s neighborhood, this time with a “vigil to save the Internet.”

While all of this is unfolding, no one on the left is calling for calm. Quite the opposite, actually. The Huffington Post, one of the most influential publications on the left is demanding more:

To Save America We Must Stop Being Polite And Immediately Start Raising Hell

Donald Trump made his most frightening authoritarian power grab yet in firing James Comey, the FBI director who was leading an investigation of his campaign’s possible collusion with Russia.

This could be viewed as a direct step toward consolidating power and, yes, toward fascism, as we’ve seen play out in other countries ― in Turkey recently, and in many other countries in history from which you could choose as an example.

And Trump is only four months into his administration.

It’s time to move beyond polite protests within specified boundaries. It’s time to escalate the expression of our outrage and our anger in a massive way.

What does the left think will be accomplished by any of this?

More importantly, how does this end?

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Seems like it’s time to break some pinkies and I don’t mean pink hat/pocket commies. If anyone lays hands on you snap a pinkie, they’ll be easy to recognize the next time they attempt it. Yes I am promoting violence in self defense but I won’t lay my hands on any one as an aggressor and I expect them to give me the same respect.

    Liz in reply to scaulen. | May 16, 2017 at 11:27 am

    If an angry person goes for my throat, I would consider it to be more than “mildly threatening”. A razor blade could have been hidden in that wad of cash. Maybe some people need to take a basic self defense class.

    Mannie in reply to scaulen. | May 17, 2017 at 8:27 am

    Pinkies, hell. It’s time to crush some skulls, kick in some rib cages, shank some kidneys. We must defend ourselves against the Democrat Blackshirts who are trying to violently overthrow the government of the United States. It is time to treat them with the severity we treat other Unlawful Combatants. Try them by General Court Martial and execute them.

    Rickhess in reply to scaulen. | May 17, 2017 at 11:50 pm

    He had a decent weapon in his hand. A swift jab in the eye or throat or whack him across the nose with the mic would work well in this instance.

sjf_control | May 16, 2017 at 10:16 am

How can I get people to assualt ME with cash?

Close The Fed | May 16, 2017 at 10:33 am

If anyone reading this has the interest combined with the talent, this is proof positive you need to step up and get involved.

Getting signed up to your rep’s email list, attend these meetings, go talk with them one-to-one. You’d be amazed how easy it is to talk to them one-on-one. They have all kinds of oddball events to meet people, especially when they’re first running for a new office.

If you go to GOP events, they’ll show up to talk and you can do it then.

ALSO, if you can develop the interest and have the determination, start a local newspaper or media outlet. Papers are dying because they’re leftist and no one wants to read them.

Also, start joining local boards and groups. Get our voices IN THERE. BECOME the power structure.

    I agree!

    I’ve started writing down key items when I am listening or reading the news and then calling my Rep & Senators. It helps in staying on point to be able to say that “I support or reject this because…” It always help to have a pleasant tone, be polite, speak clearly and slowly since the office staff are trying to take notes, thank them for their time.

    I agree that it is important to start with the city & state officials since they will be the ones with the most local news time. Beware of the person who moves around too fast, never finishing an elected post before moving to the next one. Some of them rely on name recognition to move them to a position in Washington.

Wow, you snowflakes would have gotten the vapors back in the late 1700s, when angry Americans would tar and feather folks — and crowds even threatened to lynch Congressional supporters of the Jay Treaty.

    scaulen in reply to RhymesWithRight. | May 16, 2017 at 12:13 pm

    Yeah, the vapors. We unfortunately became civilized in our politics which allowed a minority voice to gain majority status. Maybe it’s time to go back to the power of the people and use it for better representation and a more neutral news media? After all fascists/communists/liberals have no problem ganging up on anyone on the right (even anti-trumpers) and using the media to cover their asses. I expect that of those traitors, they’re out in the open on their opposition. The ones that are in the Republican/ Tea Party/ ‘Meria party though causing internal issues are the worst. Selling themselves out to the degenerate left because they have the same “enemy”. Those are the ones that lay down with dogs and then are surprised they get fleas. The left will use those infested to get what they want, then cast them aside as the useful idiots they are. They’ll find themselves with no party and no trust, wandering the political wasteland branded and voted out of any positions they hold.

    You’re right no more vapors, time for purge.

    casualobserver in reply to RhymesWithRight. | May 16, 2017 at 12:41 pm

    Teeheehee. Not a very credible trolling effort.

    And when your comrades stop having the vapors over the most minor Trump utterance, your posts might seem marginally more useful and valid.

    Keep in touch, and let us know if this is still your reaction after someone, in self defense, whacks you one of your ilk in the head with a baseball bat or plugs you with bullet. (If you or they survive.)

    That’s coming.

Do they want Weimar 2.0?

Because this is how you get Weimar 2.0.

There is now a bounty on white Republicans. The reward doesn’t have to be money, it can be a feel good agitprop moment as well. We’ve seen all of these antics before with the Red Guard.

Char Char Binks | May 16, 2017 at 11:24 am

Excellent article, but I have one small quibble. “Since the night of Trump’s election, the left has been engaging in protests which often look more like riots.”. Actually, the intimidation tactics, up to and including riot, were happening all during the campaign, and mostly directed at Trump-supporters rather than Trump himself. Why should citizens have the right to vote for the candidate of their choice when it’s been proven that he’s a racist, misogynist,fascist,anti-environmental antisemite? The science is settled.

These tactics worked for the Nazis, the Italian Fascists, the Communists and Evita Peron. Why shouldn’t they work for the liberal Progressives?

The mistake that most conservatives and non-liberal Progressives make is failing to under stand that, to the libs, this is an ideological WAR. They wholeheartedly subscribe to the principle that “all is fair in war” and the idea that it is alright to destroy the society in order to replace it with something right out of 1984. As the libs continue to lose, they will simply increase the violence. Sooner or later, there will be a backlash. And, then this country will be in real trouble.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Mac45. | May 16, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    Did they have the right to bear arms?

    “Sooner or later, there will be a backlash. And, then this country will be in real trouble…”

    Disagree. The backlash will mitigate the trouble the country is now in. This is how you save your Constitutional government: fight for it.

      This sounds good. But, it is way too simplistic.

      We are nation of laws for a reason. That reason is because a society which is ruled by tribal warfare does not last very long. The legal might of our society must be brought to bear upon those who violate the law. One of our legal rights is to use reasonable force to defend ourselves from an imminent, unlawful, physical attack. And, we can also use the criminal code to make things unpleasant for those who use violence without lawful justification. However, street warfare, between opposing ideologies always ends badly.

Something that I’m surprised no one is picking up on – “net neutrality” is kind of a wonky, technical issue, not one that actually is going to get any street level activists whipped into a frenzy on an ideological level – very few people even understand what it means.

But there *are* a handful of people, and companies, with deep pockets who have a huge financial interest in how this turns out.

The conclusion seems quite obvious – the left is fostering a mob mentality, and empowering its followers to use violence against any targets they’re pointed at; but they are being used as a rent-a-mob by corporate players who are trying to push policy in a way that will be most profitable to their interests.

That’s the real story as to what’s going on here, and again it surprises me that no one seems to see it or if they do, doesn’t think its fit to mention.

Pettifogger | May 16, 2017 at 11:56 am

Posted details of the incident on Facebook? Did she not grasp she had committed a crime? May all our enemies be so stupid.

    navyvet in reply to Pettifogger. | May 16, 2017 at 3:17 pm

    Did she not grasp she had committed a crime?

    No, she was just exercising her Constitutional right to free speech and (for those on the left) the right to commit assault and general mayhem on the opposition.

    “You mean that’s illegal?!?” Well, yeah.

People don’t just have cash in their hands when they are speaking without a plan of what they need it for. He is apologizing to raise his credibility that this wasn’t planned and that his anger is more genuine. I call BS

There need to be indictments – and plenty of them.

The Trump admin needs to go on offense.

Left-wing lunacy on parade at Berkeley, in Portland, and everywhere else. They have always been Pro-Choice, selective, opportunistic, and unprincipled, with an orientation for violence, but they seem progressively emboldened, or desperate. It seems that their adventures through Libya, Syria, and Ukraine did not satiate their appetite.

That said, there is something to be said about the progressive cost of medical care. Either we can continue to hide the debt through redistributive change (a la Fannie/Freddie scheming), and appease the people through distribution of opiates (e.g. perpetual smoothing functions, cell phones), or we can restore capitalism to organically determine and set pricing for the benefit of all Americans. Sometimes affordable costs less than “free”.

Aren’t there laws about incitement to commit violence???

I believe that the only proper response to someone laying hands on me or mine is for me to lay them out and stomp a bloody hole in their face. Yell all you want but touch me once and reap what you sow.

That pork chop with the striped blue t-shirt needs to take a lesson from Deliverance and learn to squeal, like a hawg.

“More importantly, how does this end?”

In fire.

    Dave in reply to Rusty Bill. | May 17, 2017 at 8:07 am

    Shoot a couple of them (non-fatally if possible) and see how that dampens enthusiasm for these paid protesters.

      Uh, no. When and if it comes time to shoot, always aim for the center of mass.

      “Shoot to wound” opens up a whole legal can o’ worms.

      In any case, it’s difficult to “shoot to wound” with a short-barrel 12 gauge loaded with 00 Buck.

These people MUST be arrested, especially the man who shoved money into the congressman’s shirt – that’s a physical assault. If we don’t arrest and punish the offenders then when they finally do get arrested for a felony, for example, they get a lighter sentence.