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Texas Antifa Group to Protest Statue of Sam Houston

Texas Antifa Group to Protest Statue of Sam Houston

History. How does it work?

As emblems of the Confederacy all across the country are being dismantled, a Texas Antifa group has picked an odd target for their angst — a well-loved statue of the Republic of Texas’ first President, Sam Houston.

Sam Houston was a badass if ever there was one. Not only was he an honorary Cherokee, but it took him a measly 18 minutes to defeat Mexican General Santa Anna, effectively ending the Texas Revolution and creating the greatest Republic that ever was.

Before fighting (and winning) the Texas Revolutionary War, Houston beat the hell out of Ohio Congressman William Stanbery with a cane after Stanberry insinuated Houston was involved in fraudulent dealings with the Secretary of War. Passing him on Pennsylvania Avenue, Houston approached Stanbery and asked him to identify himself. When Stanbery confirmed his identity, Houston called him a “damned rascal” and beat the daylights out of him with a hickory cane made of wood harvested from Andrew Jackson’s estate. Onlookers said Houston lifted, “Stanbery up by his legs” and struck him “elsewhere.” Stanbery pulled a pistol, shoved it into Houston’s chest and pulled the trigger, but the gun never fired. Houston was drug before Congress for a trial, where he was represented by Francis Scott Key and found guilty of contempt. He was ordered to pay a $500 fine, refused and the debt remained unpaid.

Yes, Houston owned slaves. But during his tenure as a Texas Senator, he voted against the spread of slavery into new states repeatedly. His refusal to join the secessionist movement and swear allegiance to the Confederacy cost Houston the Texas Governorship. Thanks to his loyalty to preserving the Union, Houston was kicked out of office and replaced by the pro-Confederacy Lieutenant Governor.

But history is meaningless to many. Despite his allegiance to the Union and to preventing the spread of slavery, a strange group calling themselves the Texas Antifa is promising to eradicate Texas of its Confederate emblems. They’ve started by declaring war on a statue of Sam Houston located in Houston’s well-loved Hermann Park.

So wild is the language in their posts, that I’m not entirely sure whether they’re sincerely anarchist extremists, or just trolling everyone.

And this one:

The self-awareness fail and extreme run-on game though, they’re both strong with these guys:

They’ve assumed that because Houston’s Mayor is black, he’ll be amenable to their cause:

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner was asked Tuesday about the group’s plans to have the Harmann Park statue removed and responded saying, “It’s not even on my agenda. I haven’t even given it any thought.”

Even sillier than attempting to destroy the statue of Sam Houston in Hermann Park is the group’s promise to remove the 67-foot-tall statue of Sam Houston that sits atop a hill in Huntsville, home of Same Houston State University.,_who_dedicated_the_statue_to_the_City_of_Huntsville,_Texas_on_October_22,_1994_LCCN2014633668.tif

No historical figure will ever be pristine or perfect for the simple fact that they were human. Nor was their world the progressive utopia in the making in which we’re currently serving a life sentence. But revisionism aside, Texas ain’t the Deep South, and even some of the state’s most liberal-leaning understand the value of preserving historical memory as a reminder of how far we’ve come. This kind of nonsense simply won’t find much sympathy in the Lone Star State.

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Sam Houston was a badass if ever there was one. Not only was he an honorary Cherokee, but took him a measly 18 minutes to defeat Mexican General Santa Anna, ending the Texas Revolution and creating the greatest Republic that ever was.

This struck me as an odd statement, and on pondering realized why. His defeat of Santa Ana didn’t END the Texas Revolution, but rather ensured its victory. Kind of the exact opposite of ending it.

My daughter went to Sam Houston State University, th S will be fought HARD!!!

    Joe-dallas in reply to gonzotx. | May 30, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    its original name was Sam Houston Institute of Technology

      MattMusson in reply to Joe-dallas. | May 30, 2017 at 7:12 pm

      Actually knew a retired member of the Texas Legislature who said that Sam Houston Institute of Technology was proposed. But, a reporter in the gallery began laughing when he abbreviated the name.

Will be going to Herman Memorial to counter protest. I am sick of ProFa and everything they stand for. This is sickening.

    Tom Servo in reply to Shane. | May 30, 2017 at 4:33 pm

    My first thought was that this is just a troll, now I think that “Texas Antifa” is a fake internet thing created just to see if they can get a bunch of counter-protestors out at Hermann Park that day. not that there’s anything wrong with that!

    Of course if some of the anti-fa people do show (I doubt it, this is Texas) then there could be some fists flying, and this stunt would come close to borderline incitement.

Gov. Abbott is sitting now deciding about a special session. Say, how about laws that make removal of statues not possible? Like Alabama just passed.

Come on, Governor. Bring it.

Also, peeps need to show up and help Antifa understand just how special they are (not).

    Tom Servo in reply to valegorge. | May 30, 2017 at 4:41 pm

    We should all be clear about why the statues were taken down in New Orleans – Mayor Landrieu is one of the few remaining white democrat officeholders in Louisiana, and he’s desperate to hold on to the job that his father bequeathed him. (N.O. City Government has been the Landrieu’s family business since 1970) Black voters make up a majority in the city of N.O., and when he’s up for reelection in 2018, Landrieu is very worried that any of several black activist candidates could knock him out of office, so he is desperate to pander to the hardcore black racist contingent in the city, buying their support by knocking down all the monuments to Old Whitey’. Which is what he’s done.

    It’s race pandering by a corrupt southern white democrat hoping to hang onto a very lucrative job, both for him and his family. Nothing more.

      AmandaFitz in reply to Tom Servo. | May 31, 2017 at 9:34 am

      You are SO right! Next to being in the Louisiana MAFIA, being in Louisiana politics is the surest way to wealth in the state!

Hopefully, the only response they’ll get is the same one Texans gave at Gonzales in 1835, “Come and take it.”

George Washington owned slaves
Mary Todd (Lincoln) family owned slaves.

First they came for the Confederate history.

Next, they came for the Texas history.

Tomorrow, the Revolutionary War history?

    MattMusson in reply to Leslie Eastman. | May 30, 2017 at 7:16 pm

    If we are going to play that game – how about we remove the statue dedicated to the war criminal General who purposely made war on American Civilians and issued official edicts to persecute Jews under his military authority (General Order #11).

    You know who you are, W.T. Sherman you POS!

Yah, no. NOT a good plan in a state that bred Marcus Lutrell and Chris Kyle.

I’ll be there if commitments permit. And I’m the LAST thing to a “racist Alt-Right” moron.

Oh, and if memory serves, Sam was strongly ANTI-Secession.

The [class] diversitists (i.e. judge people by the “color of their skin”), the abortionists, the maintstream left, speak.

If they could, they would mass abort the native Americans, but this is not South Africa, Serbia, Libya, Syria, Somalia, or Ukraine. They are limited to indoctrination, gerrymandered districts, redistributive change, and the propaganda of a progressive press.

these “antifa” clowns are going where and protest who? In Texas? If they don’t cover their faces and wear their pussy hats when they get there, they just may be wearing their face coverings on their back sides on the way out of town. The pussy hats are a more permanent attribute…

Humphrey's Executor | May 30, 2017 at 5:11 pm

They’re manufacturing a wedge issue. They’re smearing our heroes to divide us. They’re playing dirty.

    notamemberofanyorganizedpolicital in reply to Humphrey's Executor. | May 30, 2017 at 5:12 pm

    That’s all the Demcraps and their flunkies have – the classic
    “Divide and Conquer” method.

    Would they object to the iconography if the statue of Sam Houston astride a horse was replaced by statues of a youthful Che Guevara and Fidel Castro depicted arm in arm?

Good thing they don’t know who is buried in Grant’s Tomb or they would be going after that one too.

They did get liberal UT Austin to remove Confederate statues

They will remove it over my dead body…..

    B__2 in reply to TXRunner. | May 30, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    I suspect many Antifa would like to take you up on that challenge. Fortunately, out of ‘means’, ‘motive’ and ‘opportunity’ they only have ‘motive’ in their tool kits.

2nd Ammendment Mother | May 30, 2017 at 5:54 pm

Must be all the Wendy Davis voters….

Oy, talk about delusions of adequacy …

“The [Real Americans] better not show up with violence or they will be limping home bruised, broken, hurt, and crying with their tails tucked between their legs.”

Normally, I advise ignoring childish tantrums such as this demonstration. But with ad copy like that, I’m starting to look forward to this one …

I hope the Police will enforce a “no mask” policy at this “event.” Looks to me like the antifa goons want a fight.

    B__2 in reply to HamiltonNJ. | May 30, 2017 at 8:05 pm

    What’s the bet that Antifa will still turn up with masks, probably as bandannas round their necks to be fast deployed if they suddenly feel the need for anonymity? They should know that they have to be really careful, with Eric Clanton allegedly identified even with a mask – and that puts people videoing the march in danger.

    “No Masks”? I thought someone told me the march was a ‘No Más’ march on Sam Houston’s statues.

Replace it with Obama the Elective Warmonger (and first-order forcing of catastrophic anthropogenic immigration reform), Clinton of Water Closet (and foreign collusion), or #CecileThePlannedCannibal.

It’s not about the statues. Those are the rallying point for the communists attempting to gain power. F*ck them.

Close The Fed | May 30, 2017 at 6:59 pm

Texans are proud of the history of being an actual, functioning, independent nation.

I’d be shocked if they allowed Sam Houston’s statuary to be taken down. Utterly shocked.

Progressives in a small New Mexico town attempted to get the town council to change the name of their park, named after Kit Carson. One of the idiot leftists in that town tried to engage me in debate by pointing out the name was disrespectful to the nearby Pueblo because of Carson’s role in the forced relocation of the Navajo. I replied: You mean the same Pueblo that begged the US Army to intervene against Navajo depredations and actually sent scouts to help Carson?

Progressives are stupid. They have no grasp on history and are unable to place historical events in the context of their time.

Mohammed was a slaver and Muslims today still engage in slavery, so I wonder if these protesters will demand that all the mosques be torn down.

Sam in Texas | May 31, 2017 at 12:34 am

I wonder (I don’t really) when the fascists who style themselves antifa will address the biggest, longest lived slavery organization in the US, the Democratic Party. The Party Of Slavery before the Civil War, the party of jim crow and segregation after it.

This is the letter I just sent my children:

Let me be extremely CLEAR with all three of my beloved children- I AM FED UP WITH ALL OF THE LIBERAL LEFT! I (and by birth, YOU) are descended from Southern slave owners, Northern tradesmen, British aristocrats, architects, farmers, members of the clergy, lawyers, judges, Revolutionary War soldiers, Civil War soldiers from BOTH the North and the South, Texas Indian fighters, and the men and women who settled and built this country.

I am proud of my heritage- and, yes, my children, it IS, as you described, “whitey, white,” though I was hoping for some Native American blood for “affirmative action” options for secondary education for you or your children. Oh, well….

I am FED UP with the insane people who are trying to destroy the history and heritage of this country. I am FED UP with the “politically correct” garbage spewed by people who don’t seem to be able to hold more than two thoughts in their brains at the same time.

This is the final straw- MY ox is being gored- and I will not put up with it- nor will the rest of HOUSTON, TEXAS. Anyone who wants to undertake a “cultural revolution” in the United States, like they succeeded in doing decades ago in China, had better consider moving to another nation. We, the ordinary citizens, are FED UP with you!

I love you all,

ConnieChastain | June 9, 2017 at 12:46 am

Absence of the alt.right allows you to be heard, antifa? But you’re not saying anything worth hearing.

Your problem is that you don’t, or maybe can’t, see that “slave owners” were also many other things — sons, brothers, husbands, fathers, Christians, philanthropists, farmers, merchants, writers, doctors, inventors, businessmen, soldiers, sailors, statesmen, educators…. When you ignore all this to focus on one thing in order to justify removal (which it doesn’t even do, BTW), you make yourself look worse than liars … you look stupid.

See, that would be like me saying that “antifa are halfwits.” It’s true, but it’s not the whole truth. Antifa are also liars, arsonists, thugs, low-information voters, bad dressers, historical ignoramuses, and throwbacks.

You are also incredibly bone-headed because many slave owners and white supes were and are morally and intellectually superior to you.

Go home to your mom’s basement. Eat some Toll House cookies and reflect on how you might attempt to reclaim some of your humanity. If it’s not too late.