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Students at Oberlin Want to ‘Socialize’ Dining Halls

Students at Oberlin Want to ‘Socialize’ Dining Halls

“self-management food service model”

These students are clearly smarter than everyone else. Let Oberlin grant their wish so we can all watch what happens.

Campus Reform reports:

Oberlin students seek to socialize dining halls

Oberlin College students boycotted on-campus dining services earlier this month to protest the school’s contract with Bon Appetit Management Company.

The protest was organized by the Student Labor Action Coalition (SLAC), which wants Oberlin to switch to a “self-management food service model” in response to concerns about Bon Appetit’s management practices, according to The Oberlin Review.

Those concerns were initially articulated at a worker’s panel hosted by SLAC in April, during which Campus Dining Services (CDS) employees complained that Bon Appetit does not value their input, particular with respect to improving food quality.

“You know, they say how they get organic food, but it’s half-rotten when it gets here,” said Milton Wyman, chair of the Oberlin chapter of the United Auto Workers (UAW) union, which represents CDS staff. “They buy in such large quantities that it sits on the docking lots before they can get it all out.”

“They were just very adamant about issues, and a lot of the issues about Bon Appétit came to light,” SLAC co-chair Jeeva Muhil told the Review. “We know that this is a really important time of financial transition for the College, so we talked about having an action to really raise awareness about Bon Appétit and really put getting rid of it on the table, in a broader sense.”


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pilgrim1949 | May 16, 2017 at 1:15 pm

No doubt — they are the ones they have been waiting for.

Go for it!!! Grant their wishes and pass the popcorn.