The College Republicans have exposed instances of conservative students being mistreated and people don’t like that.

Campus Reform reports:

Students, faculty demand OCC get Republicans ‘out of our face’

Students and faculty stormed the Orange Coast College administration building Monday to protest the release of public records and demand that the administration end its “neutrality” on political issues by removing the College Republicans.

The protest formed in opposition to the OCC College Republicans chapter, which released emails obtained from a public records request showing Professor Jessica Alabi telling OCC President Harkins that she would “stand up” to the club if he did not. The documents also revealed that Alabi later prevented several Republican club members from attending one of her events on campus because they were deemed a threat to the students’ “safe space.”

The CRs have demanded an investigation into Alabi’s behavior, which fits into a wider pattern of faculty hostility toward the club ever since it made national news by released a recording of one professor’s classroom rant calling Donald Trump’s election “an act of terrorism.”

The ensuing firestorm of negative publicity divided the campus, with faculty members issuing a statement calling the audio’s release a “politically motivated act” and then subsequently honoring the professor, Olga Stable-Cox, as “Faculty Member of the Year” in an apparent snub of the CR chapter.

The student who recorded the lecture, Caleb O’Neil, was even temporarily suspended for violating an obscure, rarely-enforced policy prohibiting students from recording their professors in class without prior approval.