This is the sort of thing that causes panic on college campuses these days.

The Daily Caller reports:

College Opens Discrimination Investigation Against Student After Social Justice Bake Sale

A college launched a Title IX investigation in May against a student for hosting a bake sale in which he satirically offered baked goods in accordance with the race or gender of individuals and for allegedly making some discriminatory remarks.

Regis University is launching a Title IX investigation against Alexander Beck, who conducted a “Social Justice Bake Sale” March 16 with his Young Americans for Liberty chapter and offered baked goods according to the amount of “privilege” and “oppression” they had, in mockery of left-wing identity politics, according to documents obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

Beck and YAL gave a discount to LGBT and female students and charged Asians more than whites and blacks more than Hispanics.

Beck’s accuser, who is not named by Regis in the investigation, also alleges that Beck “made discriminatory comments to students, including: ‘white people are smarter than black people,’ and ‘black people commit more crimes than white people’ on the same day as the bake sale.