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Senate Intelligence Committee Wants to See Comey Memos

Senate Intelligence Committee Wants to See Comey Memos

A day after the House Oversight Committee requested copies of memos

Tuesday, House Oversight Chairman Jason Chaffetz sent a letter to the FBI, requesting copies of Comey’s Memos with President Trump. Today, the Senate Intelligence Committee made the same request.

From Politico:

The leaders of the Senate Intelligence Committee on Wednesday asked the FBI to turn over memos prepared by former Director James Comey detailing conversations he had with the White House and Justice Department about the FBI’s Russia investigations.

Sens. Richard Burr (R-N.C.) and Mark Warner (D-Va.) also sent a letter Wednesday to Comey asking that he testify before their panel in open and closed sessions. The senators had previously asked Comey to testify in closed session this Tuesday, but he declined.

Lawmakers in both parties are demanding that Comey testify before Congress and that his memos be turned over after a New York Times report that Comey wrote in a memo that Trump asked him to shut down the FBI’s investigation into former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. The Times also reported that Comey wrote memos detailing all his conversations with Trump.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) has also invited Comey to testify before a Senate committee.

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I wish I could make paper trails with memos I make out to myself.

    A point affecting Comey’s behavior: anybody who serves in Washington always has in the back of their mind, “How big of a book advance can I get once I leave?”

    To that end, they collect little notes about their experiences, who said what when, and keep that documentation somewhere they think it is safe. Sometimes, it is fairly accurate. Sometimes, it is a flight of fantasy just shy of Harry Potter goes to Washington.

    Right now, a book deal is the last thing on Comey’s list. If he did write a memo where he claims Trump tried to shut down the Flynn investigation, Comey’s testimony under oath to Congress in May (5th?) is a lie.


    Worse, if the memo exists, it would look like he was attempting to set up a blackmail folder, and every Clinton minion under the sun will be asking, “What did he write about me and how can I shut him up?”