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Paris Mayor Wanted to Stop Black Feminist Festival for Excluding Whites, But Changes Mind

Paris Mayor Wanted to Stop Black Feminist Festival for Excluding Whites, But Changes Mind

She found a “solution” with the organizers.

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo at first wanted to stop the Nyansapo Fest from occurring because she found it discriminating since it did not allow white people.

But on Monday Hidalgo said she found a “clear solution” with the organizers, letting it happen even though most of the sessions are limited to those of color.

From France 24:

The Nyansapo festival has divided its events into four categories– those open exclusively to black women (which account for 80% of activities), those open to both black women and black men, those open to women of colour and those open to everyone. The majority of events are reserved for black female participants.

The organisers say it is important to restrict access to certain sessions so that black women can engage in open, honest conversations about their unique struggles, without judgement from others.

The itinerary received a lot of criticism from far-right and anti-racism groups in France. Hidalgo joined the outrage on Sunday. From The Associated Press:

Anti-racism associations and far-right politicians in France both had criticized the event over the weekend for scheduling workshops limited to a single gender and race.

France defines itself as a country united under one common national identity, with laws against racial discrimination and to promote secularism to safeguard an ideal that began with the French Revolution.

On Sunday, Hidalgo had said she would call on authorities to prohibit the cultural festival and might call for the prosecution of its organizers on grounds of discrimination.

“I firmly condemn the organization of this event in Paris (that’s) ‘forbidden to white people,’” Hidalgo had written.

So what happened? Hidalgo met with the organizers, who did not change anything about the festival. The AP continues:

In a new series of tweets on the topic, Hidalgo said her “firm” discussion with organizers had yielded a satisfactory clarification: the parts of the festival held on property would be open to everyone and “non-mixed workshops will be held elsewhere, in a strictly private setting.”

MWASI, the Afro-feminist collective sponsoring the three-day event, responded to the mayor’s latest comments by saying it hadn’t changed the festival program “an inch.”

“That’s what was planned from the beginning,” the collective said of how the public and private spaces would be assigned.


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I spent the long weekend looking at August vacations, everything in Paris is quite reasonably priced.

But I can’t. And I won’t, I don’t care if I never, ever see the Louvre, they’re not getting one cent of my hard earned money!

    I am glad that I visited Paris years ago. I would have loved to see more of France (especially the Normandy beaches) and more of Europe. Alas, I too will not support them in their suicidal demise. Why visit London, Sweden, Paris? They are no longer London, Paris, Sweden. Such a preventable catastrophe.

You have to wonder what MLK would think about blacks choosing to desegregate themselves.

    Granny in reply to tipsterbl. | May 29, 2017 at 6:20 pm

    Your terminology is incorrect. Blacks are not choosing to “desegregate” themselves, they are choosing to SEGREGATE themselves.

    I’ve been watching the phenomenon here in the US too and wondering when somebody is going to stand up and sue some of these “universities” for allowing Black Student Unions, Black Dorms, Black Fraternities & Sororities – all black, only black. If you crossed out that “black” and made those Whites Only Student Unions or Dorms or what have you people would be ripping those “universities” apart brick by brick.

    Discrimination against whites is just as much discrimination as discrimination against blacks. Either we have a Civil Rights Act that applies to everyone, white and black, or we might as well dump it in the trash can.

” the parts of the festival held on property would be open to everyone and “non-mixed workshops will be held elsewhere, in a strictly private setting.””

So it’s fine to discriminate based on race, but only in private, at least according to Mayor Hildago of Paris.

Segregation is making a come back everywhere. Apparently history does repeat. I remember the white-colored bathrooms, water fountains, theater seats and even swimming pools and cemeteries and other things.

the parts of the festival held on property

Held on property? As opposed to what, held in outer space?

because 1% of event(s) are Not Racist..SMH

Hopefully, he’d call them racists.

But, you never know.

ugottabekiddinme | May 29, 2017 at 6:43 pm

Once again, a French government official first speaks with valor and then promptly backs down.

Their fashions, food and wine are sure great, though. So there’s that.

Paris Mayor Wanted to Stop Black Feminist Festival for Excluding Whites, But Changes Mind

Now the question is: what would the Paris mayor do if white feminists wanted to hold a White Feminist Festival?*

*Yes, I know they wouldn’t, but still…

The toothpaste vendor ia going to make a fortune.

The “third rail” of leftists politics.

Either they threatened her, or she felt threatened.

tarheelkate | May 30, 2017 at 10:01 am

Actually, if the sessions which discriminate are held on private property, and if the owners of said private property have approved this, then it’s disgusting but their choice. The mayor is right to insist that anything held in public spaces be open to all.

tarheelkate | May 30, 2017 at 10:04 am

Any French people who actually support egalité should boycott the private venues willing to host segregated events.