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Nooses and Bananas Appear at American University, Students Issue Demands

Nooses and Bananas Appear at American University, Students Issue Demands

“egregious, racist, hateful act”

It is completely fair to view this entire incident with skepticism. It’s playing out in the same way two other stories did in recent weeks.

CNN reports:

Bananas, nooses at American University spark protests, demands

It’s mid-May, and the talk around American University should be of graduation, internships and students’ plans for the summer. Instead, it’s about nooses and bananas.

Administrators at the Washington, D.C. school have been meeting with students and addressing a litany of demands after someone earlier this month sneaked around campus in the middle of the night hanging bananas from nooses.

Now, only days after AU’s 2017 graduates collected their hard-earned degrees, the FBI and United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia are helping campus police investigate what the school is calling a hate crime.

“We are working as hard as we can to identify those responsible for the egregious, racist, hateful act,” university President Neil Kerwin said in a statement last week.

The school has released surveillance video of the May 1 incident and offered a $1,000 reward for information “leading to positive suspect identification.”

The university also has turned a yet-to-open cafe into a sanctuary for students and allowed students of color to postpone their final exams. Both actions came in response to student demands.

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No benefit of the doubt anymore, too much hoaxing out there.

I don’t buy that AU or Wash, DC is that full of racists.

I’m tending to view these “racist” campus incidents in the same light that I view the WaPo and NYT “anonymous sources” stories. Since a number of these incidents have been shown to have been false flag events, until someone shows me a dyed in the wool racist with bananas in his pockets, I’m going to ignore them. Likewise, with regard to the WaPo and NYT breathlessly reporting the latest transgression of the Administration, until someone actually comes forward on the record with real proof, the claimed events never happened.

American University is uber left. Add that to the amount of hoaxing going on and it will be an absolute shocker if this gets traced to anyone but a leftist activist.

The sad thing is unless the hoaxer is caught this stands as legitimate and that is so screwed up.

Walker Evans | May 19, 2017 at 1:44 am

Hoax? Maybe, but how about an ulterior motive: unprepared “students of color” now have extra time to get ready for those exams.