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Non-Student Group Plans to Protest Trump Commencement Speech at Liberty U.

Non-Student Group Plans to Protest Trump Commencement Speech at Liberty U.

“We stand in opposition to Donald Trump’s oppressive policies”

Hopefully, Liberty University will tell this outside group they’re not invited and proceed accordingly.

Campus Reform reports:

Local ‘progressives’ plan to protest Trump commencement at LU

Students are eagerly anticipating President Trump’s upcoming commencement speech at Liberty University, so local residents are stepping in to supply the vitriol.

According to the The News & Advance, members of the Seven Hills Progressive Society are planning to hold a “Trump’s Non-Welcoming Committee” demonstration just outside one of the main entrances to the university Saturday morning for four hours leading up to the start of the commencement ceremony.

“Honestly, we have deep ideological differences with Donald Trump and with Liberty University to be honest,” said Nick Castanes, the chairman of Seven Hills. “We want to make sure there is a voice of dissent to at least send a message through the media.”

“We stand in opposition to Donald Trump’s oppressive policies and divisive rhetoric,” a flyer advertising the protest proclaims.

“We condemn Liberty University’s support of his administration,” it continues, ending on a note of grandiosity with a call to “Join us in showing President Trump and the rest of the world that not all of Lynchburg stands for hate.”


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the left certainly seems to have a monopoly on BS ‘degrees’ in the field of sniffing out hate… except of course when it comes to their own tolerant minions..

Walker Evans | May 14, 2017 at 4:56 pm

It comes down to this: Either I am myopic regarding news about President Trump – totally unable to see the “hateful evil” being committed – or these people are batshit crazy! All of the hate I have seen has come from the anti-Trump fascists rioting in the streets, and the less violent but nonetheless vicious elitists, all of whom share a common trait: they blame Trump for things he hasn’t said or done, and for actions only they have performed!

Ludicrous” is too mild a word for the TDS crowd.