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Mizzou May Try to Recoup Financial Losses by Raising Tuition

Mizzou May Try to Recoup Financial Losses by Raising Tuition

Death spiral?

Mizzou has suffered from a significant drop in enrollment ever since the protests of 2015. Now they might to try to make up for the lost revenue by raising tuition. Not smart.

The Kansas City Star reports:

University of Missouri curators to vote Tuesday on raising tuition and fees

University of Missouri System curators will be decide Tuesday whether to charge students who live in the state 2.1 percent more in tuition.

The curators could make even bigger hikes on fees students pay for courses in some study areas.

Curators meet Tuesday on the University of Missouri campus in Columbia with one item on the agenda: raising the cost of education at all four system campuses, in Kansas City, Columbia, St. Louis and Rolla.

Maurice B. Graham, chairman of the board of curators, and John Phillips, vice chairman, did not return calls to their offices Monday about the proposed hike.

The proposed jump in tuition and required fees for undergraduate Missouri residents would increase at the rate of inflation. At all but the Columbia campus, increases for undergraduate students coming from outside the state and all graduate students’ tuition and fees would be significantly higher than 2.1 percent. The increases would be effective July 1.

System officials said in curator meeting documents that when compared over the last decade to peers in the American Association of Universities, including Kansas State, University of Kansas, Iowa State and University of Oklahoma, UM System schools have increased tuition at a much slower rate.


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fewer people aren’t buying our product?

that’s easy to fix: we’ll just charge those who still are more!

good luck with that. (i’m guessing they don’t have an economics department)

riverlife_callie | May 23, 2017 at 1:10 pm

How much are they charging the illegal alien students?

So to add to the repugnancy of attending an openly anti-white racist, hardcore Communist university, you get to go deeper into student debt, too!

Ah well, such is the cost of programming young minds.