This isn’t the first time that Mika Brzezinski has said something critical about Clinton world. So maybe it was just a coincidence that on the day it became public that she and Joe Scarborough have become engaged, Mika took a real shot at the decision not to go after Huma Abedin for forwarding classified emails to her husband Anthony Weiner, ostensibly for the purpose of having him print them off.

Said Mika, “I don’t understand how Hillary Clinton’s e-mails are forwarded to Huma Abedin’s husband so he can print them out. What? What? I don’t know. Maybe there’s no law against it. Seriously, maybe there’s no law against it . . . It’s incredible. It’s everything that was wrong with the campaign.” When Joe said that in fact there was a law against it, and suggested the Clinton campaign thought it was playing by different rules, Mika concurred: “totally different rules.”

Later, former FBI agent Clint Watts came on the show and agreed with the suggestion that public officials are treated more leniently when it comes to mishandling classified information: “Absolutely. The more popular you are, the better the chance you’ll get away with it.”

Note: the New York Post article notwithstanding, Mika and Joe did not publicly announce their engagement, at least at the top of the show. As a proxy, a number of the panelists, tongue in cheek, expressed their “congratulations” to the couple . . . on Morning Joe‘s good ratings of late!

On a personal note, although I disagree with Mika on many issues, having followed her since Morning Joe‘s inception, I find her to be a very nice person and wish her and Joe all the best. Judging by Joe’s much-nicer-than-normal attire this morning, it looks like Mika is already having a positive sartorial influence on him.


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