If, say, Greg Gutfield had held up a realistic-looking severed head of the previous president, do you think Morning Joe would have refused to cover the story? But on today’s Morning Joe, when a panelist made reference to “the Kathy Griffin news,” Mika Brzezinski put her foot down:

“We’re not talking about it. I’m sorry, it’s too gross. It’s just not worth doing.”

And sure enough, Brzezinski’s blackout was observed for the rest of the show. Not a word was said about Griffin displaying a mock-up of the bloody, severed head of the sitting President of the United States. And here we thought that the duty of a “news” show was to cover, you know, the news.

Note: the conversation was sparked by observations by Michael Schmidt of the New York Times about the hyper pace of news nowadays. When fellow Timesman Nick Confessore facetiously said that he “missed the Kathy Griffin news last night,” Mika promulgated her censorship decree.


Looks like Joe Scarborough’s a bit defensive over the show’s decision to suppress the Griffin story.

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