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Joy Reid: Texas Anti-Sanctuary Cities Law “Sounds Almost Like an Apartheid-era Law”

Joy Reid: Texas Anti-Sanctuary Cities Law “Sounds Almost Like an Apartheid-era Law”

Says it’s a “show me your papers” law, but it’s not.

Hey, give Joy Reid credit. At least she didn’t go full Hitler analogy . . . On her MSNBC show this morning, Reid claimed that a recently-adopted Texas immigration law sounds “almost like an apartheid-era law.”

To support her alarmist claim, Reid badly mischaracterized the law, suggesting that under it, “any person can be stopped for any reason and asked essentially [to] show their papers.” Her ACLU guest seemingly agreed, saying, “that’s right.” But she added that immigration-status inquiries can be made “once a person is legally detained,” thus debunking Reid’s suggestion that a person could be stopped and asked “for any reason.”

Reid also suggested that a law enforcement officer could be punished for failing to ask the immigration status of someone who has been stopped. In fact, the law does not require police to inquire about immigration status. It simply prevents local agencies from prohibiting law enforcement officers from inquiring about it.

Although the ACLU guest, Astrid Dominguez, was generally more accurate than Reid, she did refer to the statute as the “show-me-your-papers law.” But as this article in The Hill explains:

“It’s not a “show me your papers” law. Unlike Arizona’s S.B. 1070, passed in 2010, Texas’ law does not compel police officers to ask individuals about their immigration status. Although the Texas law stops police departments from banning officers from asking for proof of legal status, it doesn’t include a mandate to compel officers to do so.”

JOY REID: This week, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed what may be the most hostile state law targeting undocumented immigrants yet. The law bans so-called sanctuary cities and threatens law-enforcement officials with jail time if they fail to cooperate with federal immigration officials. It also allows police officers to question a person’s immigration status during any stop, including a routine traffic stop.

And joining me now is Astrid Dominguez, immigration rights policy strategist at the ACLU. So Astrid, this sounds very much, sort of almost like an apartheid-era law. Is what this law is saying is that any person can be stopped for any reason and asked, or essentially show their papers?

ASTRID DOMINGUEZ: Hi Joy: that’s right. What this law does is authorizes law-enforcement agencies and sheriffs to inquire about immigration status when a person is legally detained.

REID: And that means that at a traffic, if a police officer does a traffic stop and doesn’t ask, let’s say, and their partner tells on them and says, well, they didn’t ask about this person’s immigration status, what could happen to that police officer?

DOMINGUEZ: This law requires them, well, prohibits local law-enforcement agencies from implementing any policies that will actually prevent them from asking. So local police chiefs and sheriffs lose control of their jails. They cannot prevent any officers from inquiring somebody’s status.

. . .

We know that Greg Abbott’s “show me your papers law” now is trying to target those law enforcement agencies who put community policing first.


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And Joy sounds like a leftist hack.

Joy Reid almost sounds like a partisan idiot.

casualobserver | May 14, 2017 at 1:52 pm

Huh. “Show me your papers…” Seems like a natural fit to cry “Nazi” or “Hitler”. Perhaps progressives (Reid) have figured out that isn’t working. So now the new meme must be “apartheid.”

Good luck with that one, too.

The sheer idiocy of the leftards is breathtaking. Have any of you looked at a sanctuary city map of the state of Texas? Texas was never a sanctuary state, and the vast majority of local jurisdictions cooperated with ICE. But pass SB4 and what’s been normal in most of the state for most of our history becomes Nazi.

It’s like repealing Obamacare. That would return us to Neanderthal days of 2010. You remember everything before 2010, don’t you? When peasants roamed the streets shouting “Bring out your dead” so the poor souls dying like flies for the lack of government health insurance wouldn’t pollute the city streets with infection as they were stacked like cordwood on the curb where they fell.

Yeah, me neither.

PersonFromPorlock | May 14, 2017 at 2:05 pm

The amusing thing is that apartheid was literally a policy of ‘separate development’ (hence the ‘Bantustans’), pretty much what Progressives are selling these days with their anti-cultural appropriation shtick.

    “Separation”, or rather exclusion of terrorist factions and the populations under their control, was ended with an elective abortion of the native South African population followed by establishment of a State with a constitution that integrates explicit [class] diversity (i.e. racism, sexism).

If anything, it’s an ANTI-apartheid law. It’s a statement that the rule of law applies equally to all.

So local police chiefs and sheriffs lose control of their jails.

Cute; I don’t think I’ve heard that one before. “Concern trolling” at its creative best.

Just imagine, those poor sheriffs and local police chiefs might have to actually use their nice clean jails to hold, like, criminals and stuff.

Please pardon me while I don’t lose any sleep over that one.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but after you’ve called and made sure the gift got there and wished her a happy Mother’s Day, your thoughts move on to hand to hand combat and Medal of Honor awardees in general.

A toast, ladies and gentlemen and those still trying to figure it out! To Raul “Roy” Benavidez, MSGT USA.

Around the 22:30 mark he says the real heroes are our mothers and wives.

Hear, hear. Despite having an otherwise undistinguished career I still managed to scare the h3ll out of my mom on several different occasions.

And yet she puts up with it. Happy Mother’s Day.

Walker Evans | May 14, 2017 at 4:00 pm

From her comments it appears Joy Reid’s biggest problem is either an inability to read and understand simple English, or an inability to understand anything that conflicts with her personal agenda.

Either way, she seems incapable of understanding. Let’s just leave it at that.

If we ignore her will she go away?
How can anyone with an IQ higher than cabbage take anything she says seriously?

Minority majority districts are American apartheid. Sanctuary cities are the new confederacy.

That’s because you are a race-baiter, Joy.

Irony alert. Joy Reid labors under the delusion America is an apartheid state…while fomenting for an apartheid state.