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John Kerry Uses Speech at Harvard Kennedy School to Bash Trump

John Kerry Uses Speech at Harvard Kennedy School to Bash Trump

“this is not a normal time”

Unlike John Kerry, Trump managed to win a presidential election. That’s gotta sting.

The Washington Examiner reports:

John Kerry rips Trump by telling grads to ‘learn Russian’

Former Secretary of State John Kerry told Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government graduates on Wednesday he was not planning to get “political” with his commencement speech before going in a totally different direction with his message.

He started off by joking that his advice to young people who wanted to get into politics has changed. Previously, he told people to run for office or attend the Kennedy School but now “with this White House, I’d say buy Rosetta Stone and learn Russian.”

The former secretary of state later told attendees he would not “insult” their “intelligence by pretending it’s smooth sailing for America and the world,” before going on to trash President Trump.

“And the truth is – no, this is not a normal time,” Kerry said. “It’s not normal to see a president of the United States decrying ‘so-called judges.’ It’s not normal for the leader of the country that invented the First Amendment to routinely degrade and even threaten journalists. And no, it’s not normal to see the head of the FBI fired summarily because he was investigating connections between Russia and the presidential campaign of the very man who fired him.


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Lurch is soooo clever! When are we going to see those military medical records you promised? Does that rice “shrapnel” still hurt?

    Old0311 in reply to Dimsdale. | May 27, 2017 at 7:54 pm

    On the bright side, getting that dipstick out of country probably saved lives. It’s a pity he had to get three hearts instead of one really good one. I have more respect for the NVA soldiers than that POS.