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Joe Biden Trashes Election as ‘Ugliest Realities’ in Colby Commencement Speech

Joe Biden Trashes Election as ‘Ugliest Realities’ in Colby Commencement Speech

“society’s “baser instincts”

Sadly, Biden’s speech is exactly what you’d expect from a Democrat right now.

WBUR reports:

Former VP Biden At Colby College: ‘It’s Time To Regain Our Sense Of Unity And Purpose’

Former Vice President Joe Biden gave assurances Sunday that the country’s current divisiveness brought on by a presidential election that “churned up some of the ugliest realities” of society will be temporary.

Biden told graduating seniors at Colby College to resist the impulse to throw up their hands after an election that played to society’s “baser instincts.”

“It’s time for America to get up. It’s time to regain our sense of unity and purpose. It’s time for us to start realizing who in God’s name we are,” he said during a sunny commencement address on the library lawn.

The Democrat who served two terms alongside President Barack Obama expressed his own disbelief in the state of affairs.

“This past election cycle churned up some of the ugliest realities in our country. Civilized discourse and real debate gave way to the coarsest rhetoric and stoking of our darkest emotions,” he said.


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nordic_prince | May 22, 2017 at 2:21 pm

“Baser instincts,” eh, Joe? Like being the creepy uncle who can’t keep his hands off teeny boppers and makes inappropriate comments towards them when he doesn’t realize the mic is live?

    Walker Evans in reply to nordic_prince. | May 22, 2017 at 9:47 pm

    Not just teeny boppers; he couldn’t be trusted to keep his hands off any female that was in the slightest bit attractive. And that was pretty much all of them!

He spoke at Colby and not Cheddar? The man is a Nazi!