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IRS Officials Continue to Obstruct in Tea Party Targeting Case

IRS Officials Continue to Obstruct in Tea Party Targeting Case

Claim their lives are in danger if they testify.

It has been almost five years since news broke that officials at the IRS used the power of government to harass members of the Tea Party and other conservative groups.

The media has largely ignored the scandal and so far, no one has gone to jail. Earlier this month, IRS officials claimed they couldn’t testify because their lives were at risk.

USA Today reported:

IRS officials say lives at risk in tea party bias case

Details about tea party bias claims against the IRS could remain secret because current and former agency officials say their lives are in danger if they publicly testify about the case.

Lois Lerner and Holly Paz both have argued in recent court filings that the threat to their lives outweighs the public’s right to hear their testimony about how IRS employees in Cincinnati and Washington, D.C., handled applications for tax-exempt status from tea party groups.

They recently filed evidence to support their claim under seal in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati. Though that evidence has not been made public, court records indicate it relates to death threats and other harassment the women say they endured after their names were connected to the bias claims against the IRS several years ago.

“This documentation, as the court will see, makes very personal references and contains graphic, profane and disturbing language that would lead to unnecessary intrusion and embarrassment if made public,” their attorneys argued in a recent court brief. “Public dissemination of their deposition testimony would put their lives in serious jeopardy.”

Are we to believe that members of the Tea Party have threatened the lives of IRS workers? Is it more likely that IRS workers mean their freedom is at risk if they tell the truth?

The leader of one conservative group is speaking out about this.

Rachel del Guidice writes at the Daily Signal:

What a Tea Party Leader Thinks of Lois Lerner’s Latest Move in Court

One tea party leader is still looking for answers from the IRS.

Lawyers for Lois Lerner, who resigned under fire as a division chief at the Internal Revenue Service, argue that more details of her reported targeting of tea party groups should not be revealed because her safety is in danger.

But Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True the Vote, a nonpartisan organization dedicated to election integrity, said she wants to see such documentation released.

True the Vote was one of hundreds of conservative, nonprofit organizations whose applications for tax-exempt status were unfairly slowed or spiked by the IRS, and Engelbrecht said she intends to see the details come out.

“My position on this is just ‘Tell the truth,’” Engelbrecht said in an email to The Daily Signal. “Tell it publicly, there’s been enough covering up, there’s been enough rumor and innuendo, there’s been enough passing the buck.”

Lerner and Holly Paz, another former IRS official involved in the scandal, recently filed papers in U.S. District Court in Cincinnati, seeking to keep secret certain IRS practices they discussed in depositions taken in a lawsuit filed by tea party groups against the government.

Trump has been in office less than four months and there are already countless official investigations.

Almost five years on and there’s been no justice of any kind in the IRS scandal.

It’s infuriating.


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Lives are in danger if they testify? Do they think they will get the Death Penalty?

What is to worry about? NOTHING has happened.

One side has destroyed property, set fires, wears masks, while calling these “demonstrations” Care to guess what side this is?

What I want to hear is the argument that a person who is likely to kill Lerner is more likely to kill her if she testifies then if she doesn’t.

“Almost five years on and there’s been no justice of any kind in the IRS scandal.”

And there won’t BE any justice. Our elected representatives-legislative and executive-have been reduced to mere window dressing. The bureaucracy is in charge now; all they have to do is stonewall and they win by default. What’s tragic is how few people seem to notice or care.

Lois Lerner and the IRS underlings that targeted the TEA Party organization’s for delay, extra documentation, and leaks are not going to ever be let anywhere NEAR a courtroom.

There is ONE reason why: The protection of President OBAMA.

The IRS individuals will never be allowed to testify for the simple reason that if they did, they would be able to point the finger up the food chain sufficiently to be able to say that Obama WAS involved in their FELONY acts which damaged individual’s rights, destroyed lives and otherwise damaged group’s rights to have a level playing field when engaging the public.

LERNER should already be in jail for her acts. Perhaps AG Sessions could be convinced to bring charges against her for her official misconduct in office.

The lives of these IRS criminals will be endangered by Progressive Fascists if they expose Tyrant Obama the Liar’s violation of civil rights.

“This documentation, as the court will see, makes very personal references and contains graphic, profane and disturbing language that would lead to unnecessary intrusion and embarrassment if made public,” their attorneys argued in a recent court brief. “Public dissemination of their deposition testimony would put their lives in serious jeopardy.”

Awww… Boo-hoo. You mean like the information that Lerner and Co disseminated about donors and members of the Tea Party organizations to the Leftist wackos? Say, like those donors to the National Organization for Marriage? (NOM). Hmmm?

Further, how can testimony about HOW they did their jobs several years ago impact their lives in serious jeopardy?

Oh, Yeah: The report found that words such as “Israel”, “progressive” and “Occupy” were also used as red-flags for greater scrutiny, and that screeners were still using such lists up until May 2013.

Because the Occu-Poopers and Leftists are just known for their patience and understanding when their little pet project is hampered in any way.

While the IRS acknowledged that it had improperly made an unredacted copy of NOM’s tax information public, NOM provided “no evidence that the information was willfully disclosed or the result of gross negligence.”

Right. That statement right there deserves it’s OWN investigation.

i wonder how much of those filings are traceable to Democratic operatives? David Brock specializes in this kind of thing.

So … Lerner & Co. have received death threats, inspired by what We the People know of their crimes.

They argue that if more becomes known, the death threats will increase in severity … or become more credible … or something.

The clear implication is that the crimes we don’t yet know about must be real dillies, certainly much bigger than the ones we do know about.

So they want to avoid making themselves even bigger targets than they are now by admitting that they’re even bigger criminals than we realize.

Sounds to me like a pretty original tactic. Though that’s its only virtue.

    Death threats seem over-rated: none ever come to fruition — except by radical islamists.

    In any event, if there is an American life that is worth worrying less about than other Americans’, it is someone of the ilk of Lois Lerner and the traitorous sleaze who enabled her. Hear that, Barack/Jarrett?

Pitchforks are being sharpened and Torches are being prepared because the regular folks are are being ignored by the Justice system. This outrage demands the appointment of a special counsel and or prosecutor. Notice how the Dems and liberals want to brush this topic under the rug and out of sight. Inaction is causing this reaction and hopefully the judge will ignore these specious arguments and set a date for discovery and a trial date.

Their lives may be in danger. The DNC is Pro-Choice.

If a taxpayer’s closest and only post office accepting tax returns until midnight on tax day is in a violent high crime area, can the taxpayer be relieved of its duty to file a tax return because, claiming as does Lerner, its safety is in danger?

To understand the evil delusion of Lerner (and much of the left) – and urge prosecution and imprisonment for the likes of Lerner and Clinton – realize that many Germans believed Hitler when he urged that he was ‘a man of peace.’

Forward to 6:50:

Gremlin1974 | May 25, 2017 at 10:08 pm

Forgive me if I am wrong but the supposed danger to their lives isn’t a credible reason for them to not testify is it?

I still say offer the lowest one immunity to rat out the others.

healthguyfsu | May 25, 2017 at 10:31 pm

Protective custody, now get on the stand

Frankly, at this point, their lives mean less to me than the truth.

Never before have I ever seen such a corrupt president and administration as was Obama’s. Never before have I ever seen such a spineless bunch of wimps who dare to call themselves leaders as are the Republicans. There should be an impeachment clause for those lacking the spine and character to carry out the job a fifth grade student could perform.

We know the actions of the IRS sidelined a great number of Conservative activist groups from participating fully in the 2012 election. The IG made it clear the IRS used inappropriate criteria as they slow walked Conservative applicants. Today the former IRS agents fear testifying because of safety concerns. Funny, all of the current news screams about how the Russians influenced influenced the election yet there’s barely wiper about how our own government influenced the 2012 election. Recall it was Gov. Romney who told Pres. Obama that Russia was a threat to which Pres. Obama chuckled and said, “Mitt, the 80’s called and would like there policy back”. Without the IRS influence in ’12 just how much influence would the Russians have been able to exert in 2016?

What Lois Lerner meant was her life (as she knows it now) will be in danger…..because the jail cell she should be living in is nothing like the million dollar plus home she lives in now.

I have a word that describes their claim: bullsh*t.