The “impeach Trump” movement started on inauguration day, if not before.  From unserious partisans like Maxine Waters pledging her waking hours to ensuring that the president be impeached to the mainstream media chiming in with articles from the Washington Post and the New York Times.

Indeed, the tempo has increased this week with the following articles being published across the mainstream press and the regressive blogosphere between May 8 and May 14:

CNN A running list of Democrats who have discussed impeachment

Huffington PostThere’s A Faster Way Than Russiagate To Remove Trump From Office

Huffington PostThe End of Trump

New York Daily NewsHere’s the presidential order of succession — just in case

NewsweekWill Donald Trump Be Impeached or Removed From Office? Firing James Comey May Bring Him One Step Closer

Newsweek: Trump ‘Could be Impeached Now’ Over Comey Firing, Historian Who Predicted His Election Says

The New YorkerHow Trump Could Get Fired

The New Yorker (satire):  Trump Boasts That His Impeachment Will Get Higher TV Ratings Than All Other Impeachments

New York MagazineThe Complicated Politics of Impeachment are Coming into Play in Trump’s Washington

The Oregonian: Donald Trump impeachment: Bookmakers see surge in bets that president is on his way out

PoliticoCould Trump Be Impeached Shortly After He Takes Office?

Politico: Dems escalate talk of Trump impeachment

SalonDemocrats Are Now Openly Talking About Impeaching Trump

VoxImpeachment of the President, Explained

The Washington PostTrump must be impeached. Here’s why.

The public is deluged with reports that the president is unfit for office or in some way corrupt before anything has been investigated, much less proven.

No president has been removed from office via impeachment; the only two presidents ever successfully impeached were Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.  Both were acquitted in the Senate.

For a president to be successfully impeached, convicted, and removed from office, one key element, beyond the impeachable offense/s and political will, would need to be in place:  public outcry and support such that the president’s removal from office is demanded by the people.

That’s where the media comes in.

This week’s barrage of articles and posts about removing President Trump from office and the implicit suggestion that he can—and should—be removed from office is intended to seep into the public consciousness, creating, they collectively hope, a public demand for the president’s removal.

Ultimately, however, the effort does little more than widen the existing partisan divide in this country and ensure that distrust in media continues to skyrocket.


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