The party also caused a student protest. Has no one at Baylor ever been to a St. Patrick’s Day party?

The Waco Tribune-Herald reported:

Baylor fraternity’s ‘Mexican-themed’ party sparks investigation, student protest

A Baylor University fraternity hosted a racist “Mexican-themed” party on Saturday night, prompting a Sunday afternoon school statement condemning the event and a vociferous student protest.

The Monday protest drew hundreds of students to the center of campus, where calls were made to Baylor administrators and regents to address racism on campus and to sanction the fraternity, which was suspended by its national chapter and the university pending a formal inquiry.

Students at the Saturday party hosted by Baylor’s Kappa Sigma chapter wore sombreros and serapes, according to images circulating on Twitter.

Others dressed as construction workers and wore brown faces, according to student reports, and attendees chanted, “Build that wall,” referencing a campaign promise from President Donald Trump to build a wall along the United States-Mexico border.

A Baylor spokesman said the university has no direct evidence of students wearing brown faces, though it would investigate that detail if it arose.